Idea behind .ART domains

In a world where every brand vies for a moment in the spotlight, embracing the .ART domain is a statement a commitment to artistry, creativity, and sophisticated branding. Such brands as Kickstarter (, art collective TeamLab (, Whitewall Magazine ( alongside numerous other projects and organizations have already embraced the artful digital ecosystem.  

Success stories of .ART domain adopters

The .ART domain is a practical tool where individuals too can effectively shape and share their narratives, showcasing the depth of their projects and ideas. Take for instance Kenny Schachter (, a controversial art polymath, writer, curator, and dealer who has carved out a unique space where his diverse projects find unity with a consistent digital identity.  

Kenny Schachter ( – writer, curator and art dealer has chosen to host his numerous projects on a .ART domain.

Recently, Schachter, in collaboration with another .ART adopter, Daata (, introduced the art world to the NFT game “POP PRINCIPLE”. This immersive experience navigates the convergence of traditional art luminaries and famous digital creators in a collector’s strategic battlefield, inviting enthusiasts to forge fresh connections and discover new perspectives in the art landscape.  

.ART is especially useful for such blockchain projects since it leverages Web2 and Web3 technologies, functioning in the traditional web and as an ENS name in Web3. This enables the use of a .ART name to link to wallet addresses, NFT collections,  or websites hosted in distributed IPFS storage. This fusion offers a distinct edge for those immersed in the realms of Web3 and digital art.  

Screenshots from the NFT game “POP PRINCIPLE”, developed by Kenny Schachter in collaboration with Daata (

A burgeoning trend also sees major non art-centric companies embracing art initiatives, leveraging the .ART domain to host independent websites. This strategic move not only amplifies their brand image but also resonates with new art-centric audiences. 

Leading automotive brands including Porsche and Mercedes creatively leverage their art affiliations. On the ‘Art of Dreams’ project comes to life, immersing viewers in an exploration of the fragile yet beautiful interplay between nature and technology through Porsche sponsored art installations. 

At, the luxury carmaker presents an eclectic mix of contemporary art, car-themed pieces, and stunning public sculptures. This platform highlights the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection, reflecting the company’s profound commitment to culture and education. Through .ART, Mercedes Benz elegantly marries corporate responsibility with artistic exploration. 

Porsche’s “Art of Dreams” ( – bridging nature and technology through sustainable art.

Meanwhile Austrian artist Glod ( and Dior embarked on an innovative project, intertwining the realms of fragrance and contemporary art in a remarkable partnership. The endeavor was conceived to enchant the senses and to offer a novel exploration into the multifaceted world of Dior’s fragrances. Central to this cooperative effort was the introduction of a new scent by Dior, merging a multisensory experience that seamlessly blends art and perfume. Notably, the net proceeds from the sale of the artwork created during this project will be generously donated to WWF Austria, contributing to the preservation of Austrian biodiversity, reflecting a commitment not only to aesthetic and olfactory artistry but also to environmental conservation. 

Expanding the world of .ART domains

Dozens more renowned brands use .ART domain to redirect to or from their main commercial domains, including Instagram, Pixar, Vivienne Westwood and Swatch. You too can start your creative journey and explore the countless opportunities at the intersection of art and technology with a .ART domain. Secure your .ART today on or through your preferred registrar.