Big news for .ART and the creative community: several of our publications have been added to the Library of Congress! This is a pretty cool moment for us because it means our work is sitting on the same shelves as some of the most important books and documents in the world. The Library of Congress isn’t just any library—it’s the largest one out there, housing everything from historical treasures to the latest in scientific research.

Among the works that made the cut are “.ART ODYSSEY – Navigating the Future of Art”, a print testament to the versatility of the .ART community,  and “The New Flood” by .ART Founder, Ulvi Kasimov.  These publications dive into how art and technology are coming together in new ways and what that means for artists and society. It’s about exploring new horizons in art and making sure these conversations reach as wide an audience as possible.

Having our publications recognized by the Library of Congress is a big deal for us. It’s not just about the honor; it’s about what this means for the future of art. It places .ART’s work alongside a diverse and rich collection of global knowledge and cultural heritage. This inclusion is a nod to our ongoing efforts to blend art with technology and to support the art community in every way we can.

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