.art Domains Welcome New Adopters Among Russian Contemporary Artists

.art Domains provided more than a hundred website names for Russian artists following an exhibition arranged by the informational portal ARTEEX

Above: Batman by Georgy Ostretsov, from the ARTEEX catalogue  

The «Vesna» exhibition took place in March at the Antique Center in Moscow, uniting over forty artists under the same roof, including prominent names like Osmolovsky, Vinogradov and Dubossarsky, and aspiring ones like the young artist and .art adopter Medina Kasimova (Learn more at medina.art).  

Together with the informational portal and marketplace ARTEEX  (art project 49ART), which organised the event, .art Domains provided over a hundred new website addresses to Russian contemporary artists. The list of artists was compiled by ARTEEX based on a range of creative indicators such as popularity, commercial activity, taking into account various achievements and awards (People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Merited Artist of the Russian Federation, Full Member, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts), participation in exhibitions, fairs, auctions, mention in art ratings, availability of works in museum collections, etc). 

The ARTEEX selection of 199 artists includes those whose creative path began in post-Soviet Russian society, artists of Generation X (1961-1981), Generation Y (1982-1999) and Generation Z (2000 onwards). The selection is truly multidisciplinary, including those who create in the techniques of painting, drawing and sculpture, as well as installations, photographs and video art.

We are happy to welcome all artists who became .art adopters as part of the collaboration.