The art world’s new protocol All-Art, offering NFT liquidity pools and associated license rights, has acquired its new digital home with the highly-demanded domain. The digital move takes place within All-Art’s participation in the Solana Season Hackathon, running May 15th – June 7th 2021. During the event, the team behind VR-All-Art, an established art platform in the VR/XR space, is launching a new NFT standard called NFT-PRO that embeds license rights into smart contracts on the All-Art Protocol. The switch is made in partnership with the .ART domain, the digital address for the arts community, and commences the collaboration between the two technology companies with a vision for an open and protected digital identity and commercial empowerment for the creative sector.

Four years since the project’s inception, VR-All-Art is now on the brink of transforming the art world with the All-Art Protocol by creating an NFT standard that will include license rights and make art trade perpetually liquid on the blockchain. The purpose of the domain will be to merge the two projects under one umbrella; will serve as the hub for the All-Art Protocol, while will host the virtual reality exhibition arm of the business.

We are excited to join the .ART family with such a unique domain name. Our vision is now in line with our domain name and that is uniting ‘all’ of the art world under one umbrella protocol that will serve the whole arts and culture community. All-Art’s mission is to create a new standard in the NFT space that is in line with art law and regulations, so that the traditional art market is incentivised to join the blockchain revolution.

Vitomir Jevremovic, CEO of VR-All-Art and Founder of All-Art Protocol


The partnership with All-Art is a step in our continued commitment to exploring the possibilities of technology to ensure a safe and protected digital future for the arts and cultural sector worldwide. We are proud to have All-Art as а .ART adopter as they mark a milestone in their business growth.

Ulvi Kasimov, .ART Founder

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Both .ART and All-Art have ambitious plans for their product rollouts in 2021. Among the areas of collaboration, teams will explore integration of .ART’s Digital Twin artwork certification solution with a blockchain hash from All-Art Protocol’s NFT-PRO registration on Solana. This will empower artists to both mint NFT-PROs on All-Art and certify the art objects using .ART’s additional fields for Object ID in the WHOIS protocol.

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