.ART Founder, Ulvi Kasimov Interviews Olga Sviblova, MAMM Curator

Olga Sviblova is a prominent and well-known figure in the Russian art world with a decades-long prolific career.  Founder of Moscow International Photobiennal as well as what is now known as the Multimedia Art Museum, Sviblova also served as curator of the Russian Pavilion, not once but twice, at the Venice Biennale. Today’s world situation continues to fuel her passion for contemporary art, especially in conjunction with communication and technology, and how now more than ever art is vital in our lives.

Recently interviewed by the Founder of .ART Ulvi Kasimov, Olga Sviblova talks about her work in the art world, a world in constant evolution, and that has changed since she started her journey.

This interview is excerpted from Ulvi Kasimov’s book The Art of the Possible, a series of interviews exploring how Internet technology can remake the art world. The next one will be published here and on artnet in February – make sure to keep it under your radar.

What difference will technology make to the experience and appreciation of art?
Art needs to be where communication happens. So if communication is happening on the internet then art needs to happen there too. Art needs to deal with what can be found in situ. Duchamp used ready-made pieces found in real life. What is the difference between finding garbage for an Ilya and Emilia Kabakov installation in reality or finding elements of garbage on the internet? There’s no difference.

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