From telling you about the Ramen vs Soba debate, or debating if vegan tuna is even a thing and much more, it is compelling to discover this way what is on people’s mind.  


One thing that grasps our attention is the latest Steven Spielberg movie – the untitled Indiana Jones new sequel. While the first movie – Raiders of the Lost Ark – was released on the big screen in 1981, the new one is filmed 40 years later. The photos leaked from the filming reveal that a stuntman wearing a Harrison Ford is getting most of the action under his belt. If ford was not even 40 then, he is a little more experienced today, let’s say it! It is great to see that actor’s career isn’t ending while they age. But this also sprouts a debate that has been going on around with other blockbuster film series such as James Bond. Is it time to revisit who the hero is? And let’s put it out there, can we think about changing the stereotype for a more diverse, more equal central figure? What about a female James Bond or a Black Indiana Jones?  

The weekend is at our doors, and we wonder what is trending right now. While it was food and Harrison Ford at the beginning of the week, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are trending worldwide right now!

So we hope you are interested in pop music and reality TV!? Are you?

Taylor Swift pushed further her genuine American sweetheart when she praised her mom during her speech at the CMT Music Award. For the entirety of her acceptance speech, she was in a mood of gratitude, thanking music industry professionals for championing female songwriters as well as learning from all the ones that she crossed path with on her journey in the music industry. But, of course, her fans weren’t left behind either – she thanked them for the additional sentimental value they add to her song! What a good and inspirational manner to make an acceptance speech count!
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And what about Kim, I already hear you say. Hum, she was in the news for a piece of very different news related to COVID and partying… Do we really need to go back on it – we don’t think so. But we can’t wait for what is to come for Kim, from the end of her marriage and keeping up for the Kardashian.

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