First, let’s make out what business email is.

Having a business email raises your credibility and your customers’ confidence in you.

Business email addresses are these which use your domain name, for example, .ART: Since this email is associated with your website, your clients could easily recognize you. Having such addresses reinforces your credibility and your clients’ trust and confidence in you.

What are the advantages of business email?

  • Recognizable name: when your client receives an email from you, he will be able instantly identify the sender, since your .ART website address will be included in your email address;
  • You can use catchy addresses, which are already unaccessible in other mail services (like,,, etc.);
  • You can create a few mail addresses for different purposes (for orders, partnerships, etc.);
  • The percentage of letters sent from business emails which reach their recipients is higher than of those sent from ordinary emails, while mail services trust letters from business addresses morethan from general domains (,,;
  • You can set up you email at .ART in such a way that you will be able to send and receive letters from and to your usual mail address (for example,

So, what we need to do to make everything work correctly
Step 1.
Click the link (or click ‘Business email’ in the upper menu (see the screenshot).

Step 2.
Buy a business email. You can begin from one mailbox. If you need more, it is not a problem. Once you decide on the quantity click  ‘Add to cart’.

Step 3.
For using a business email you need a .ART domain name. If you don’t have one select the option on the left and find your best website name at .ART. After the purchase you will need to go back to the Step 1.

Now let’s look at the situation when you have already got a domain name at .ART. If you have already been authorized at website, all you need is to choose a domain name on the basis of which your business email will be created. If you are not authorized please enter your login and pathword from your account.


Step 4.
Choose payment option.


Pay for your purchase.

Step 5.
Set up your business email. Go to settings, click the gear (see the screenshot) and choose ‘Manage’.

Step 6.
Fill in the form: enter your Name and Last Name and your current email on which you will receive a letter with the login and the password from your new business email at .ART.

Step 7.
Check your inbox at the email address you provided during the previous step. Enter your mailbox from the Step 6 and find a letter from In this letter you will find all the data for your new business email.

Step 8.
Click the link from the Step 7,  get authorized with the login and the password specified in the letter.

Step 9.
Congratulations! You have registered your new business email.