While it is sports season, with restrictions easing in most places, it is also time to get back to concert halls.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga will be presenting two concerts, the final ones of this legendary singer who announced in February that he was struggling with Alzheimer.  While this will mark the end of a long seven decades career, nobody is sad. The emotions are running high, but it seems that it is a positive experience from all ends.

The sports madness continues…

With American football season going strong, same with European football too, it isn’t surprising that sports results and the vaccination status of the athletes are taking front and centre.
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Dancing is trending too.

Finally, dance is not left far behind. The news that John Barrowman will be leaving his position as a judge, which he has been occupying since 2019, has been trending. The question that is now on everybody lips is who will take his place?