.ART Partners With WE RESTART Charity to Support Post-Covid Recovery Through Art

.ART is proud to announce that it is joining forces with the WE RESTART Charitable Organization, whose mission is to accelerate post-covid recovery through the realm of art with a focus on female creators.

The current struggle to rebuild our existences has conjured up how personal lives and collective groups are, have been, and always will be, stories that can be told through deeds of ordinary and extraordinary endurance, healing and recommencement.

Now more than ever, the charity realizes how fundamental it is to advocate and champion the mental and physical reservoir of strength and creativity that people and communities can gather in times of need and how universal and timeless is the quest for a restart.

Eunyoung Heo, Here and Now

The first steps in our partnership are the launch of WEREST.ART website and the SECRET ART Open Call. The Open Call is the project’s first crowdfunding campaign to support upcoming initiatives. .ART invites all the women artists, poets, photographer and performers to join forces and apply by June 30th.

The female creators can apply and learn more here.



WE RESTART is a not-for-profit organisation imagined and founded in early 2021, in the midst of COVID-19 global pandemic, as a response to the profound need to imagine a new beginning following the economic, social, cultural and mental crisis that has touched every corner of the planet. 

You can read and sign their manifesto here.

Cover image: Cecilia Bellini, The Salvation of the Awakening

.ART Team
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