.ART Presents: The Death of the Artist

On Thursday, April 15th, on International World Art Day, .ART will be presenting William Deresiewicz's best-selling book, The Death of the Artist, to the Russian-speaking audience.

In a joint effort together with the Russian publishing house Live Book, .ART has been working on bringing a translated version of this “techno-utopian narrative” to life since last year.  

In his book, Deresiewicz brings a sober outlook on how technological advancements allow for mass art production and the effects such has on artists’ careers. Many professional artists are struggling to make a sustainable living from their work, while the production of art has skyrocketed. Deresiewicz takes a critical stance on the creators’ economy and defends the true artists. He interviews musicians, visual artists, writers, and film-and-TV creators, dedicating a chapter to each.  

So who is the author? William Deresiewicz is an American writer, essayist, and literary critic, who taught English at Yale University for ten years. He is the author of A Jane Austen Education, Excellent Sheep, and The Death of the Artist. He had over 250 essays published in major outlets such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Harper’s and The American Scholar.  Read the interview we did with him here

This book is a true story about the difficult situation most professional artists face in the modern world and a conscientious guide to action: what to do and how to deal with it. – Ulvi Kasimov, .ART Founder

On the left the original cover of the English version, on the right the Russian translation version.

.ART’s long-standing mission is to support the artistic community, protect and strengthen its members’ digital identity, and generate value from art. Through the publication of The Death of the Artist .ART offers the book’s findings and Deresiewicz’s research to a broader creative community and the next generation of artists and creative professionals. 

The Russian translation is now available online and coming to stores in the coming month.  


.ART Team
.ART Team
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