We are thrilled to announce that the countdown has started – just over two weeks remain until applications for the Digital Innovation in Art Award 2023 (DIIA2023) are due. Presented in partnership with Investor Allstars, this prestigious award serves as a global recognition for those shaping the intersection of art and technology.

Today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on our esteemed judges, experts from both art and tech industries who will be reviewing the submissions.

Brian Beccafico

Known as Arthemort in the WEB3 community, Brian is one of the most prominent crypto art collectors in France and holds the position of NFT Specialist at Sotheby’s. His expertise at the crossroads of Art and Blockchain provides a crucial lens for assessing innovative projects in this rapidly evolving space.

Victoria Dejaco

The founder of simplify.art and Galerie Wonnerth Dejaco, Victoria offers an intimate understanding of art history and the art business. Her dual perspective will be instrumental in evaluating projects that seek to innovate within the traditional art market space.

Nik Honeysett

Before becoming the CEO of the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, Nik served as Head of Administration for the J. Paul Getty Museum. He has been instrumental in leading digital collaborations for cultural institutions and has a proven record in museum technology and administration. His deep expertise and experiences will guide his evaluation of entries, particularly those looking to innovate in museum and cultural spaces.

Paul Nicks

Having risen through the ranks at GoDaddy to become the President of Domains, Paul has a profound understanding of domains and registrars. His technical expertise will be instrumental in evaluating projects involving web and digital innovation.

Dean Phelus

With a significant tenure as the Senior Director of Special Projects at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), Dean has dedicated his career to enhancing the competencies of museum professionals. He brings a wealth of experience in museum operation and a deep understanding of professional development in the museum sector.

Amir Soleymani

The founder of Mondoir gallery (www.mondoir.art), Amir is a renowned collector, gallerist, and art advocate. His rich experience in art curation and advocacy will offer a holistic perspective on projects that aim to revolutionize the art gallery and collection space.

Anton Vidokle

An internationally recognized artist and editor of e-flux journal, Anton’s work has been showcased globally, including at the Documenta 13 and the 56th Venice Biennale. His recent appointment of him as Chief Curator of the 14th Shanghai Biennale adds a new dimension to his vast experience of him. Anton’s unique perspective and broad exposure to the international art community will be instrumental in evaluating the artistic merit and creative innovations of the submissions.

Valérie Whitacre

With over a decade of experience leading sales at private UK galleries, and now as the Head of Art at Trilitech, Valérie offers a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and digital art markets. Her knowledge will be crucial in reviewing projects that strive to bridge these two worlds.

Join the vanguard of art and technology!

We welcome both companies and individuals that are visionaries, innovators, and leaders who have made strides in merging the worlds of art, tech, and innovation. Here’s your chance to step onto the global stage.

Why should you apply?

By applying for the DIIA2023, you will have your work reviewed by our distinguished panel of judges and get a chance to attend the Investor Allstars gala in London on October 19th, 2023. Above all, you might end up earning recognition from a global audience at the ‘Oscars of the tech world’ if you are shortlisted.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Join us in driving the future of art and technology!

Apply Now! *Entries open till July 15th, 2023. Award Ceremony – October 19th, 2023 (London).