From artists, art institutions, to digital publications such as magazines, information systems, news outlets, and many more ideas that are just outside of the box – .ART is proven to be a strategic choice. The name of the domain provides concision, memorability, aesthetic value and an opportunity to democratize artistic media on your platform.

The news reporting on the decline of print publication, especially after the pandemic, have forced many media outlets to take their media online or expand their online offers. .ART domains is pleased to help in giving your art magazine the perfect domain to represent your community.  

Can you imagine your art-related magazine ending with .ART? What it would do for your image and how would it signal your sense of belonging to the wider art community? A few media outlets have already adopted it, so let’s take a look. Website Screenshot and are both magazines that have chosen .ART as a domain for their website. The choice has helped them in increasing visibility, expanding their reach, as well as concentrating their fields. 

Elephant is a creative-service provider to the fine-art sector. At its core it is a quarterly print magazine, producing books and videos for partner organizations. It also provides creative expertise and collaborations which can take the form of a real-time, physical performance or event, made available to a global audience via broadcast on the online platform. The magazine is gaining wide track visibility and success, and having the word ‘art’ in their domain name helped cement their presence within the art community. Website Screenshot

Whitewall has also adopted a .ART domain name which can be accessed on This independent art and luxury lifestyle magazine publishes quarterly magazines with an aim to “go beyond the stark white walls of the art gallery to reveal the personalities that shape the art world and other creative industries”. The addition of .ART goes a long way to show this personality to a global community who knows exactly what to expect thanks to the domain choice. 

It’s not just quarterly magazines that are opting for .ART, but the art-media printing businesses as well. .ART expands to include all art-related media and companies. One of these companies is General Public. Website Screenshot

General public, is an innovative consumer-art company launched by the actress and philanthropist Portia de Rossi. The service uses unique 3D-printing technology called synograph to print modern artworks with all of their original texture. They’ve adopted the .ART domain because that’s exactly what they do and who their target clients are. Website Screenshot

.ART is Global. Chinese Magazine Artomity ( is just one of many examples. Artomity is a magazine that features insightful and original editorial through interviews, reviews and artist collaborations. The site also features comprehensive profiles of galleries, museums and art spaces, all using the .ART domain.

So again, why are publishing outlets and other art-related media choosing .ART and not .com or other domains? Why should your art-related company opt for one too?

To name a few reasons: 

1.ART is aesthetically pleasing and universally understood

The aesthetic value of having your publication domain end with .ART is immediately felt. Just by adopting it, you tell the world who you are and what you do, while owning one of the most sought-after domains in the world -.ART is universally wanted, being in the top-3 list of the most contested domain names. 

2.Having the word ‘Art’ in your domain increases your visibility to your target audience
Whether you choose a .ART domain for its purely aesthetic value or because it’s a unique opportunity to own such a concise domain, the .ART extension will give your chosen name a boost in terms of SEO results. According to a study from The Domain Name Association (dated April, 2017), having a relevant domain name extension like .ART means that you need fewer inbound links to rank in top page search spots than you would using the more traditional .com ending.

No endless searching. If your target community is the art community, there is more chance that they’ll find you at the top of the search list with the help of one keyword – art.

3.Your media-related business deserves a domain name that will represent it
Everyone needs to have an online personal brand, to curate their life story and to have agency over their digital assets. But magazines and publishing houses can take .ART to expand their reach and democratize art and publication to the right audience on a global scale. With the .ART extension, art-related media can immediately be identified as belonging to the world of freedom and artistic expression, because after-all, how we identify ourselves is a fundamental part of communication. With .ART you communicate who you are, who your business is and what it stands for, making your artistic curations available to the right audience.

4.More naming choices to pick from

Ever thought about how hard it would be to find a domain name such as elephant with a .com domain? .ART offers so many people a chance to create and curate their own brand with a name of their choice and still accentuate their place within the art community. It is not an alternative, but a target for creatives. Whereas could just be a website about elephants and their habitual endeavors, having a .ART ending ensures that the website has something to do with art-related media. 

5. .Art Tycoons from many fields have already gotten on the .ART ride

From the Louvre to Meta and Microsoft, .ART domains can be found everywhere where there is media-related content. Adopters also include those who are good at wordplay, like the guys who purchased; and others like the Marina Abramovic Institute, Google, Beyoncé, and Disney to name a few.

.ART is not limited to visual-artists, but for all media creatives including publishing houses. Feeling inspired? Upgrade your publications, your aesthetic, your reach, and even your spirit with a .ART domain today. Purchase it on Get.ART and subscribe to our newsletter to hear first about upcoming projects or promotions!