From artists, art institutions, to digital publications such as magazines, information systems, news outlets, and many more ideas that are just outside of the box – .ART is proven to be a strategic choice. The name of the domain provides concision, memorability, aesthetic value and an opportunity to democratize artistic media on your platform.

The news reporting on the decline of print publication, especially after the pandemic, have forced many media outlets to take their media online or expand their online offers. .ART domains is pleased to help in giving your art magazine the perfect domain to represent your community.  

Can you imagine your art-related magazine ending with .ART? What it would do for your image and how would it signal your sense of belonging to the wider art community? A few media outlets have already adopted it, so let’s take a look. Website Screenshot

ELEPHANT.ART and WHITEWALL.ART are both magazines that have chosen .ART as a domain for their website. The choice has helped them in increasing visibility, expanding their reach, as well as concentrating their fields. 

Elephant is a creative-service provider to the fine-art sector. At its core it is a quarterly print magazine, producing books and videos for partner organizations. It also provides creative expertise and collaborations which can take the form of a real-time, physical performance or event, made available to a global audience via broadcast on the online platform. The magazine is gaining wide track visibility and success, and having the word ‘art’ in their domain name helped cement their presence within the art community. Website Screenshot

Whitewall has also adopted a .ART domain name which can be accessed on This independent art and luxury lifestyle magazine publishes quarterly magazines with an aim to “go beyond the stark white walls of the art gallery to reveal the personalities that shape the art world and other creative industries”. The addition of .ART goes a long way to show this personality to a global community who knows exactly what to expect thanks to the domain choice. 


Tique is a Belgian-Dutch publication on contemporary art that exists both in print and online. The print publication seeks to show and discuss relevant artists, topics and processes in fine art. The publication has no fixed form; it is constantly evolving and has no fixed release schedule. New interviews, features, publications and exhibitions are published online each week. Website Screenshot

.ART is Global. Chinese Magazine Artomity (ARTOMITY.ART) is just one of many examples. Artomity is a magazine that features insightful and original editorial through interviews, reviews and artist collaborations. The site also features comprehensive profiles of galleries, museums and art spaces, all using the .ART domain.


Sculpture is a leading magazine engaged in global dialogue about contemporary sculpture. Published 6 times a year by the International Sculpture Center (ISC), this magazine aggregates information and criticism to cement itself as an integral source within the global art community. The magazine’s approach perfectly parallels the fundamental vision behind the ISC: founded in 1960, the non-profit organization aimed to celebrate knowledge, achievements, and creations within the sculpting community. The use of their .ART domain emphasizes their universal perspective. It both acknowledges their distinct position within the art world and honors their distinguished legacy.

In Practice, the official blog of UChicago Arts (UCHICAGOARTSBLOG.ART), celebrates the artistry found in the university’s academic programs, professional organizations, and student-led activities. It is where the interests of students, artists, and audiences intersect. S-O ART, SO-ART.ART, is a blog existing at another intersection—that is, of art and business. Run by curator Shlomit Oren, this blog aims to make art more accessible through writing. Both blogs use the .ART Domain to highlight their mission, their devotion to art.

The Overview, THEOVERVIEW.ART, is a magazine exploring the realms of art, science, and technology. Its approach is inspired by “the Overview Effect”—a unique perspective astronauts gain when looking at the world from outer space. Just like this phenomenon, The Overview magazine aims to broaden our perspectives. With a mission so audacious, their domain helps specify the particular universe they belong to—the universe of art.

So again, why are publishing outlets and other art-related media choosing .ART and not .com or other domains? Why should your art-related company opt for one too?

To name a few reasons: 

  1. Elevate your presence with a memorable .ART domain

Feel the immediate aesthetic uplift as your publication domain ends with .ART. It’s not just a domain, it’s a statement about who you are and what you do. Be part of the exclusive club owning one of the world’s most coveted domain names. .ART stands tall in the top-3 most contested domain names globally, proving its universal desirability.

  1. Amplify your visibility with ‘Art’ in your domain

The choice of a .ART domain enhances your name’s aesthetic appeal and offers a unique opportunity to own a concise and impactful domain. It works as an SEO booster too. A study from The Domain Name Association (April 2017) revealed that relevant domain name extensions like .ART require fewer inbound links to secure top page search spots, compared to traditional .com domains. Your target community, the art community, can find you more easily with just one keyword – art. No more endless searching.

  1. Represent your media-related business with a suitable domain name

Today, everyone needs an online personal brand and control over their digital assets. Magazines and publishing houses can harness the power of .ART to expand their reach, opening up art and publication to a global audience. The .ART extension immediately identifies your media as part of the vibrant, creative art world. It communicates your identity, your business ethos, and your commitment to making your artistic offerings accessible to the right audience.

  1. Enjoy a wider selection of naming options

Imagine trying to secure a domain name like elephant with a .com domain? The .ART domain opens up a world of creative naming opportunities, allowing you to carve your unique brand within the art community. could be just a site about elephants, but Elephant.ART signifies a commitment to art-related media. It’s not merely an alternative; it’s a goal for creatives.

  1. Join a diverse group of .ART pioneers from various fields

From iconic institutions like the Louvre to tech giants like Meta and Microsoft, .ART domains have permeated all spheres of media-related content. Clever adopters include those who enjoy wordplay, like the individuals behind, and prominent entities such as the Marina Abramovic Institute, Google, Beyoncé, and Disney.

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Snatch them now on!