.ART took part in «Vesna» exhibition at the Antique Center in Moscow

Russian contemporary artists became .ART adopters on the spot.

«Vesna», an exhibition which opened at the Antique Center in Moscow, is a truly unique event dedicated to showcasing Russian contemporary art.

«Vesna» (which means «spring» in Russian) united more than forty artists under the same roof, including prominent names like the trio of Osmolovsky, Vinogradov and Dubossarsky, and aspiring ones like our adopter Medina (medina.art).  

Curator of the exhibition, Nikita Ivaschenko, told .ART that while organising the event he tried to show different chronological layers of Russian contemporary art, using meta-modernism as the core idea.

«I tried to combine works that were never exhibited together, different styles, trends and techniques. Vesna, spring in Russian, refers to one of the most relevant current concepts of the modern cultural situation – the idea of ​​​​meta-modernism which was formulated by philosopher Timotheus Vermeulen and media theorist Robin van den Akker, – said Nikita. – Meta-modernism is characterized by its borderline state. Reality, as if on an invisible swing, sways from the past to the future. The past is known, and the future is still hidden. In a similar way spring is the time when winter, cold and future warmth alternate and coexist. This way spring can be seen as the perfect metaphor for meta-modernism».

.ART was happy to be part of the event and to welcome all the artists who became .ART adopters on the spot. 

.ART Team
.ART Team
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