The internet has opened art businesses much more so than it has done fairs or galleries. It no longer matters where you are: in a few easy clicks, you have access to the best of global art. But how can you not get lost in the almost infinite possibilities of art? This is precisely the challenge that Artbrain is trying to solve: how to find your true love art match.  


How does it work? Artbrain is almost a type of dating app for the arts, matching users with pieces they will fall in love with. By using AI technology, going through auction houses and galleries sites, they are recommending the best of that is out there, connecting buyers with sellers. This is as important for collectors as it is for art businesses. They don’t lose time scouting thousands of art pieces for the former, getting tired in front of their screen and browsing through yet another viewing room. For businesses, it helps to further push the client relationship by providing a tailored service. Both parties are therefore achieving their goals. The communication is tailored to each collector’s profile, which leads to an increase in sales and a return of clients who, while they are still actively collecting, might just not otherwise find the perfect piece they didn’t or did know they were looking for. Furthermore, the integration is easy, and the channel helps you satisfy all types of collectors, regardless of whether they are old school or the new kids on the block.  

“Artbrain brings the experience of buying art into the 21st century so that art buyers will be able to easily find the art they love”.

Asher Ben-Saadon, Artbrain Chief Executive Officer 

A question that may arise is, is there a market for such a service? The answer is an enthusiastic yes. They have recently reached a $750K Annual Recurring Revenue, growing by more than six times since their last year’s revenue. They have also raised more capital, and the investment keeps steadily increasing. In addition to improving their algorithm with the input of diverse data coming from their worldwide customer, it seems that the sky is the limit. 
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What will they do next, and with whom will they partner? How will their technology keep improving as their clientele grows? Only time will tell, but the future seems bright for Artbrain!