.ART Google Trends Watch III: Father's Day, Summer Solstice and Sports...

Google is giving us all the secret of what people search this weekend. Emotions ran high with tributes to father day, gossips and many sports events going strong from F1 to the ice hockey playoff and soccer or the newborn of Usain Bolt and more! Here is what grasp internet attention with more than a million searches!

Father’s Day brought us all the feels this weekend. Adorable messages filled with gratitude and love, and the celebration of fatherhood was going quite strong. For many celebrities, it was a first, and for some others, not so much. This is how ‘Nick Cannon’ was typed in Google more than 200K times as Vulture, People, and other news outlet break the news that he was expecting his 7th child and, most importantly, his 4th baby in less than a year! On the other side, the beloved couple formed by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend was also amongst the most searched and the newborn of Usain Bolt!

Today is also the celebration of the summer s0lstice, bringing the longest sunlight day. The sun is doing some serious over time and will bring more hours of light, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, than any other day in the year. In Canada, this day is also the celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is a day where we are recognising and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous peoples of Canada. The fact that both are celebrated on the same day isn’t a matter of luck but highlights the cultural importance of the summer solstice for Indigenous People.

Finally, if you a sports fan, this was also a high energy weekend with swimming trials, football match reported, ice hockey playoff ties, NBA, US Open and a bunch of facts and fun stuff about the French Grand Prix.

What about you? What did you search on Google this weekend?

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