Art lovers aren’t only found in museums: they read books, they look at magazines, and they are always on the hunt for the latest art-related movie, documentary or tv show. In an era where content is king, it isn’t surprising that ArtBrowser TV, an on-demand streaming channel, has seen increased popularity.

ArtBrowser TV

Their programming varies and ranges from the art world, fashion, technology, movies, and more, making the offer more transparent and the knowledge shared. ArtBrowser TV does not only provide a contagious creative inspiration: they also entertain and share insights, doing all this through moving image content. The best news for art lovers? ArtBrowser TV is free, and many platforms have quickly made it widely accessible. 
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“A new structural shift in the arts was overdue with technology, social media and digital content playing a bigger role. Artists, galleries and museums are facing even greater challenges now, and digital innovations are the way forward as we adjust to the new normal.”

-Rohit Shetty, Co-Founder & CEO, ArtBrowser TV 

They are also the winner of the UK’s Fast Start competition and have the ear and wisdom of advisor Sir John Hegarty. They have commendable social media engagement, and their solution has the opportunity to harvest the power of art for the greater good from exchanges to economic means. It is highly innovative to connect art and culture and reach out to a broader audience, especially during a pandemic. They aim to promote a more equal, diverse and inclusive art world where geographical and physical limitations aren’t vastly important, giving artists the means with an added sustainability advantage to showcase their talent and participate in art fairs and exhibitions. What comes next? We can only speculate, but something is already telling us that it will be creative, positive and bring art and joy to people all around the world!