From digital showrooms to keeping up with art purchases, Arteïa is at the forefront of tech innovation, bringing novel solutions for collectors, artists, and art professionals.  


Arteïa’s services are solutions that use groundbreaking technology to deliver new experiences and tools to support and promote art. They are a sort of jack of all trades: from collection management to online showrooms and viewing rooms, digital catalogue raisonnés to authentications and digital records. As we know, the old-fashioned elements of the industry have no choice but to turn to digital innovation (especially in light of the pandemic), which has certainly favoured Arteïa well. The questions regarding protecting one’s lifetime of work and investments are challenging to many artists and collectors. Now more than ever, with new artworks like NFT’s, as well as all the exposed forgeries and fake scandals of the past few years, it is essential to create immutable ways to cement information while having the opportunities to also update it in real-time. 

‘’In the past few months, we have all been observing an emergence of new and crucial trends in the digital art market. What previously was the modus operandi and helped well-established art companies succeed was the ancient art trading model, where most art transactions were passed through a chain of art aggregators. From the other side, art buyers were looking to get something of artistic value but with a reasonable price tag. Art was expensive due to its being filtered and curated by galleries.   

This situation is changing now for good. This is due to two important factors – market digitisation is finally arriving, heavily accelerated due to COVID, and new means for controlling art creation and art distribution are emerging. On one hand technological bricks – the cloud, blockchain, NFT, metaverse – are already here, on the other hundreds of thousands of young people are looking for genuine and wisely-priced art. Unfortunately, there is no concretely organised offer yet, but it will change. And sooner than most of us think!’’
– Marek Zabicki, CTO  

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When art is considered a financial asset, its added financial aspect to collection management is also an added value. With security, transparency, and easy-to-use solutions, we can see that many segments of the art market, not only businesses but artists also, can update information in real-time and gather information all in one place. We cannot wait to see where this will take Arteïa.