Artifund’s is on an admirable mission: to help democratize art via a 21st century art patronage model that allows museums to create new value from their most important assets, while reviving their community by making art more accessible. This is a company that wants to change the status quo and accelerate the Digital Renaissance.  


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Artifund is developing a highly innovative platform that creates extra liquidity for the international cultural sector while engaging a new digital community of art patrons. What does this mean in practice? Well, the platform focuses on collaborating within the sector, rather than ‘disrupting the art market’. Artifund is building the leading platform for a sector in great need, and they hope to be the TEFAF/ART Basel of NFT platforms as well as a 21st-century art patronage model that is in line with the growing interest in purchasing, collecting, and trading digital collectables in the form of non-fungible tokens.  

“Every major brand or company, across many different sectors, is rolling out a NFT proposition. However, most people in the art market, or the cultural/creative sector in general, are not aware of this. The opportunities for the cultural sector are huge! Leveraging NFTs could help you to generate financial and social value and is very well suited to engage and grow a (digital) community. Digital ownership has a bright future, Web 3.0 is rapidly changing, and it will put art and technology into the limelight.”  

  • Gustaaf Dekking, Founder of Artifund 

The company has been researching, iterating, and validating the use of NFTs to find the right fit for the cultural sector since December 2019, and they now have the support of a fast-growing group of high-level ambassadors and industry leaders from within and outside the cultural sector. One thing is clear: an increasing number of people want to be part of this story, and the momentum is undeniably there.  A handful of museums have already committed to using Artifund, and proof of the concept is being built and an investment round with a diverse group of investors is set up as we speak. We wish Artifund all the best in their endeavours!