.art's Web Series: In Conversation About Media Art

Panel discussions with artists, curators and other creatives who talk about their practice before and after the quarantine, explore various artistic notions and debate the future of art.

In the third episode of .art’s Web Series: In Conversation, Brooklyn Pakathi, new media artist and curator at The Mixed Reality Workshop, Johannesburg. Brooklyn focuses on the theme of the digital anxiety through his exploration of techno-intimacy. Interested in the synaesthetic experiences of art-production, he explores these themes through mixed and extended realities, digital observations, and photographic interrogations employing text, methods of self-love and meditative healing practices. Over the last 3 years, Brooklyn has been managing and curating the exhibition program at Johannesburg’s The Mixed Reality Workshop (TMRW.art), where he has worked with over 50 artists to make existing, immersive and interactive digital technology more broadly accessible.

.art has wondered whether the works by Brooklyn will be affected by the fact that Internet has currently became a crucial global system, interconnecting not only computer networks, but all spheres of our daily reality, and questioned the artist whether he is going to focus more on the theme of vulnerability of digital intimacy.

In the second episode of .art’s Web Series: In Conversation we speak to Patrick Meagher, NY-based artist and co-founder of Walter’s Cube and the Online Viewing Room. Patrick is working in computer-generated collage, photography, sculpture, and other media, his art asks how humans will evolve in an era of transgressive technology and increasingly virtual interactions. Exploring notions of space and dimensionality, his process focuses on digital production, timeliness of subject matter, and information and resource sharing.

Since 2012, when .art met Patrick in NY, he was exploring humans evolving in an era of transgressive technology and increasingly virtual interactions. Since then he has launched a few start-ups, Walter’s Cube, which aimed to digitize contemporary art exhibitions, and Online Viewing Room, which provides the space of a physical viewing room with the efficiencies of digital media. .art asked Patrick to tell the story of these start-ups and focus on the point of view of the artist on such platforms and possibilities.

In the pilot episode of .art’s Web Series: In Conversation, Alex Anikina, media artist, film-maker, researcher and curator talks about her practice. Alex recently completed her PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her dissertation focused on political aesthetics of ‘procedural films’ – media works that use generative algorithmic techniques but operate in a succinctly filmic domain.

.art dives in to question Alex’s interest in ‘procedural films’ and the effects of the pandemic on this relatively new practice.

Alex’s artistic and research interests lie in experimental film, algorithmic cultures and critical posthumanities, and as an artist she works with moving image, software and lecture-performances. In 2018 she curated IMPAKT media art festival with the theme ‘Algorithmic Superstructures’ with Yasemin Keskintepe and Luba Elliott.

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