We live in confusing times, but there is a no-nonsense way to feel confident about the changes: by investing in building a strong personal brand and creating additional revenue streams. Starting an independent project, putting together a portfolio – take these steps to have the agency over your self-realization and offset the uncertainty.

Out of all existing first names, at least 17% are already registered on .ART

The British office of .ART Domains has recently carried out a sales database research and established the following: out of all existing first names, at least 17% are already registered on .ART. The research focused on Top 1000 baby boy names and top 1000 baby girl names in the US in 2021. Most of the first-name domains sold begin with the letter “m”, however we are aware of some other remarkable registrations such as yann.artdiana.art and adele.art – although the lucky owner is not the legendary singer (which just goes to show that you could snatch a valuable domain too!).

None of us had the ability to choose our given names, but it’s a whole other story with your digital identity. .ART offers a solution that not only gives you the ability to use your own name, but also instantly connects with the art world. .ART domain ending defines you as an artist before anyone even visits your website, and this is a distinct advantage. With a concise first-name domain, the benefits are more than doubled. One never knows when the fame will come but having a domain name fit for a celebrity is the luxury you can afford now.

Below are a few other reasons to consider getting a .ART first name:

Memorability, popularity, and prestige

Short names are beautiful, memorable and cool, especially when it to comes to .ART, which is the most popular domain for creatives. Even prior to its launch, .ART was in the top-3 most contested among over 2000 new gTLDs released by ICANN. Always at the cusp of opportunity and innovation, .ART is the place to be!


Investment potential

By choosing a short and catchy premium .ART domain name you are guaranteed to get great value for money regardless of whether you decide to keep it for yourself or as an investment. With steady organic growth, .ART has found its stable position among the top-10 fastest growing domains globally – proving it is not only a digital asset, but a sound investment opportunity. With a smart pricing model based on big-data algorithms, the pricing of .ART domains reflects a multitude of factors: concision, memorability, aesthetic value and demand for the same name in other domain zones.

Universality & SEO optimization

Whether you choose a .ART domain for its purely aesthetic value or because it’s a unique opportunity to own such a concise premium domain, the .ART extension is universally understood in all languages and will give your chosen name a boost in terms of SEO results. According to a study from The Domain Name Association (dated April, 2017), having a relevant domain name extension (like .ART) means that you need fewer inbound links to rank in top page search spots than you would using the more traditional .com ending. Even if you already have a website using .com, you can still obtain a .ART address and simply point that address to your existing site. This gives you more ownership of your name in the online space.

With so many first name already registered on .ART, they are running out fast! Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity of securing yours. If your name is something like James, Robert, John or Olivia, Emma, Charlotte – get moving! There is only one of each.