Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the first nominee of the 2021 edition – keep reading for more information about the project and who’s is behind it!

ArtUp Nation

In plain terms, ArtUp Nation has been created and is run by artists. The concept is simple, to empower them to start their own high-growth company without making compromises on their critical and artistic input. This innovative solution and the topic of books from Scott Timberg Culture Crash or William Deresiewicz’ The Death of the Artist. ArtUp Nation’s platform gives a voice and space for artists to earn an (independent) living from their art by actioning their ideas and transformed them into tech-based on and offline artistic experiences, bringing those in every day of their consumer. The aim is to create a bridge and support ideas from paper to market products.  

“Artists are defined by their talent to develop and produce unique and unusual objects and experiences. Today’s generation of artists has grown into a world dominated by online experiences and platforms. As such, the art world is rife with a unique potential and talent for innovative and disruptive thinking. Can artists create their successful startup (ArtUp) companies while maintaining their artistic core? Can museums turn into innovation hubs? Can collectors turn into investors? I believe the global tech market is about to experience some of its most exciting moments in the very near future.” – Tsila Hassine, Chief Industry Artist (CIA), ArtUp Nation 

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ArtUp’s early adopters come from various creative spheres; they are currently in conversations with VC’s, artists are jumping in both feet forward, and the academic realm in Europe and the Middle East isn’t far behind. The first cycle of the ArtUp Escalator, an international program with an innovative, mentor-based curriculum curated for crisis-era artists, has been highly successful. It reunited notable figures in art and advertising such as Sunny Bates, Simon Fried, Alice Black, Amnon Dekel, Tatiana Bazzichelli and Kristoffer Gansing as mentors. Their closing panel was also attended by the author, professor, and blockchain researcher, Amy Whitaker. 

We are looking forward to seeing the kind of inspiring projects that will come up out of the next ArtUp Escalator cohort and see how this will expand and flourish with the injection of VC. New and exciting announcements will be made in the upcoming months.