The book for our latest .ART book club is a book by none other than Will Gompertz, a journalist, art critic and author who looks at artists, art and how we are looking. This is his third book, and in it, he is turning his observation on how artists observe the world through art. If you thought that looking was a simple task, think again! This book has a couple of things to teach you about life, the world, how we all see through our own experiences, and how artists can teach us so much if we only understand more than their techniques or the narrative.

Also, if you haven’t read the book (YET!), we invite you to reflect on these questions:
* Why do you think artists can see differently?
* How do you approach art?
* When you look at art, do you only look at the narrative or technique? What about the artist’s viewpoint?

Review of the book by evlyne Laurin

As Gompertz notes, in the conclusion of the book, through his research, he learned so much about something that he thought he knew already pretty well – looking at art. This book, which I feel can be read cover to cover or one chapter at a time here and there, will open your eyes to possibilities – while I also thought I knew how to look at art, this book reveals so much more than what is easily seen on the surface level. This book will make you realise how artists can help us see what we are missing. The variety of artists Gompertz researched for this book is impressive and highly diverse. It reveals so many stories that we sometimes know but have overlooked. Definitely, a must-read to change your perspective!

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More About the Author

Will Gompertz is a world-leading expert in the arts. Having spent seven years as a Director of the Tate Galleries followed by eleven years as the BBC’s Arts Editor, he is now Artistic Director at the Barbican Arts Centre. Will has interviewed and observed many of the world’s leading artists, actors, writers, musicians, and directors. Creativity magazine in New York ranked him as one of the fifty most original thinkers in the world. He is the author of the internationally bestselling What Are You Looking At? and Think Like an Artist. He lives in London.