This is how Booooooom came up with the first edition of their Bingo during the summer of 2020. As the pandemic was getting longer, most of them sunsetted, but not this one! It was followed by another one, bigger and better, with more prizes, and then the idea was fully launched. .ART is delighted to partner with Booooooom to present you with a colourful, creative way to play Bingo. 

While the first edition was only announced via the Secret Email Club newsletter, the second one was broadcasted to the open world. With a bigger version comes the possibility to commission artists to create the cards, supporting others by purchasing their work and offering them as prizes, having corporate sponsorship to give tools and valuable prizes, making the latter more interesting to win, fostering a sense of community, and actively infusing some needed boost to the creative economy.  

The best part – it is free to play!! And SO much fun – we know one of .ART team members participated in the first Bingo, and she had a blast. As she described it, “it was a little something that made me smile that day, and that got me excited about the prize and the genuine feeling of community!” 

Want to know how it works and what are the cool prizes you can win? Please visit Booooooom announcement to learn more about the way it works and much more! Register by October 8th to get your personal BINGO card! The game will be played from October 15th till all prizes are claimed! 

For this edition sponsored by .ART, it is illustrator, art director and designer Lydia Ortiz who created the bingo card. Born in the Philippines, Ortiz has been in the USA for more than 15 years, and her story is one of resilience and strong will. Her creative output is as colourful as her practice is multidisciplinary. Her passion and love for what she does transpire in every one of her projects, be it a children’s book to editorial illustration or designing for Chronicle Books. Her clients included The New York Times, Twitter, Instagram, Teen Vogue, the Washington Post, WIRED and many more. Her style is bold and out there, unapologetic, recognizable and most importantly, true to her essence.  

Have you seen the BINGO card? What are your thoughts? Not your ordinary one, right?  
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Many prizes are to win:  

1x Handmade CD Rug by Sean Brown 

1x ‘Hanging by a string – Whistle’ Print from Vicki Ling 

1x ‘Stack of Graph Paper’ print by Ryan Carl 

1x ‘Bitch Face Bucket Hat’ by Kristina Micotti 

1x ‘Flower Pot’ print by Marcello Velho 

2x ‘Vibin’ Totes’ from Jocelyn Tsaih 

1x CELLYBRAIN book from Hamburger Eyes 

1x ‘Magic Bandana’ by Hugo B 

5x ‘Bone Pen’ by Evah Fan 

3x Booooooom ‘Hidden Talent Counts for Nothing’ T-Shirts 

2x Tomorrow’s Talent Vol. II Books 

2x Magic Hour Books 

3  x  $500 USD digital coupons for Premium Domains on .ART 

5  x  $300 USD digital coupons for Premium Domains on .ART 

10 x $100 digital coupons for Premium Domains on .ART 

+ more prizes to be announced!