Art Dubai 

Since its inception in 2007, Art Dubai has distinguished itself as the pre-eminent platform for art from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, evolving into a pivotal event on the international arts calendar. 

Held under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Art Dubai’s extensive programming transcends the traditional gallery showcase. It includes commissioned projects, residencies, and educational initiatives, alongside the much-anticipated Global Art Forum. The forum stands as the largest annual arts conference in the Middle East and Asia, offering a platform for thought-provoking discussions, performances, and live talks by regional and international artists, curators, and writers.

In 2019, Art Dubai attracted over 30,000 visitors, including a significant number of UAE-based, regional, and international collectors, curators, and nearly 100 visiting museums and institutions. This demonstrates the fair’s role not only as an exhibition space but as a vibrant hub for cultural exchange and development within the art community.

Art Dubai’s gallery halls are split into distinct sections: Contemporary, Modern, Bawwaba, and Residents, each offering a unique perspective on the art world. The Contemporary section features a wide range of art forms from established galleries and younger spaces, highlighting the latest in painting, sculpture, installation, and more. Meanwhile, Art Dubai Modern focuses on masters of the 20th century from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, providing a rich historical context to the contemporary works on display.

The fair’s Residents program, introduced in 2018, invites international artists to the UAE for a four-week residency, encouraging the creation of new works inspired by their experiences in the country. This initiative, along with Bawwaba, which showcases projects focusing on the Global South, underscores Art Dubai’s commitment to fostering artistic innovation and dialogue.

Beyond the fair, Art Dubai’s impact extends to the local economy, with Art Week 2015 generating a total economic contribution of US$35 million, underscoring the fair’s significance not only to the art world but also to the broader cultural and economic landscape of Dubai.

As Art Dubai 2024 unfolds, it continues to celebrate the confluence of cultures, creativity, and innovation, offering visitors a gateway to the latest artistic developments from around the world. Through its diverse programming, educational initiatives, and support for artists and galleries, Art Dubai reinforces its position as a catalyst for artistic exchange and a vital part of the vibrant art ecology in the UAE.

Here’s a brief look at .ART adopters taking part in Dubai 2024 (1-3 March):

Aisha Alabbar Gallery (

At the forefront of Emirati art, Aisha Alabbar Gallery emerges as a testament to the rich artistic heritage and contemporary vibrancy of the UAE. Founded by Aisha Alabbar, the gallery nurtures local talent, focusing on pioneering Emirati artists and providing a launchpad for emerging voices. The gallery’s commitment to fostering an inclusive arts ecosystem speaks to its visionary approach, making it a notable participant at Art Dubai 2024. 

Carbon 12 (

Carbon 12, established in Dubai by Kourosh Nouri and Nadine Knotzer, is celebrated for its international program that bridges established and emerging talents. Nestled in Alserkal Avenue, the gallery is a hub of creativity, known for its engaging exhibitions and public activities. Its collaborative project, DIANA, in New York, extends its influence, showcasing the gallery’s commitment to global artistic discourse.

Venise Cadre (

As Morocco’s oldest gallery, Venise Cadre carries the legacy of Moroccan visual arts. Known for its historic ties to orientalist painters and its support for Moroccan art’s evolution, the gallery today focuses on post-internet art, exploring the digital era’s impact on society and culture. Venise Cadre’s participation in Art Dubai 2024 highlights its enduring role in promoting Moroccan artists on an international stage.

The many artists represented by GVCC, the oldest gallery in Morocco.

Voloshyn Gallery (

Kyiv’s Voloshyn Gallery, founded by Max and Julia Voloshyn, champions Ukrainian art within the global cultural landscape. Its artists have received international recognition, reflecting the gallery’s influence across major art institutions. With a space in Miami and a presence at significant art fairs, Voloshyn Gallery is a pivotal platform for contemporary Ukrainian art at Art Dubai 2024.

Explore Nikita Kadan’s ‘The Ray Penetrates the Soil’ at Voloshyn Gallery, a profound reflection on memory, trauma, and the indelible marks of war on the Ukrainian landscape. On display until March 31, 2024.

Art in Space (

Defining itself through a fusion of technology and creativity, Art in Space advocates for a new form of creative experience. With its multisensory Art Room and involvement in the Immersive Multisensory ART Association, Art in Space is at the cutting edge of digital and physical art intersections. Its participation signifies a leap towards future art and technology synergies.

bitforms gallery (

New York’s bitforms gallery, with its focus on artists engaged with new technologies, has been a pivotal advocate for digital and media art since its inception in 2001. Representing artists whose works are part of collections in prestigious museums worldwide, bitforms gallery’s presence at Art Dubai 2024 underscores the growing importance of digital art in the contemporary art world.


Founded by Chidi Nwaubani, LOOTY stands as a bold dialogue between art and technology, challenging conventional paradigms with its innovative projects. Through its focus on blockchain, NFTs, and digital art, LOOTY represents a new wave of creative expression, advocating for a more equitable world through art.

Discover LOOTY: Where Art Meets Revolution. A bold fusion of technology and creativity, challenging the conventional and embracing the new digital frontier

With the inclusion of these and many other diverse galleries and initiatives, Art Dubai 2024 is showcasing a wide array of artistic expressions that span the traditional and the digital. This year’s edition emphasizes the ever-evolving landscape of the art world, highlighting the innovative ways in which artists and galleries are embracing technology to redefine creative expression. As visitors explore the fair, they will encounter a vibrant mix of contemporary practices, immersive experiences, and groundbreaking works that reflect the global nature of the art community today. This convergence of art and technology at Art Dubai not only enriches the event’s offerings but also signals an exciting era of artistic exploration and engagement.