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Celebrating our Adopters for the Last Day of our Birthday Month!

May has been a month of celebration for us at .ART Domains. For our fifth birthday, it was important to us to make the people who are making our success shine—spotlight on some pretty fun adopters who raised the challenge of answering a straightforward question.

We asked our community:

If you had to make a T-shirt about your art, what would it say?

Here is what some of our amazingly creative adopters have answered!

Loving this answer? Here is a little bit more about VOXIE.ART
Rhoda Villegas is an illustrator & animator exploring ideas surrounding emotion, nature and digital media. Using a comic book/manga art style, she hopes to draw the lines between these contrasting worlds, with one foot stood firmly in reality and fantasy at all times.
Having previously worked as a graphic designer, in 2020, I decided to pursue illustration and animation. In 2021, I started work on my first animated short ‘Salmo’, helmed by creative director Paul Pajot and studio La Méridienne. In 2022, I am continuing my MA Illustration studies and aim to develop my skills further with print, comics, augmented reality art and animation. For the last two years, transitioning from being a designer to more of an artist has not only pushed me to my creative limits, but to my mental and physical limits as well. Even if I’m doing a job that I love, I must recognise when I need to take a break. Then I can return to my work and tune into a refreshed imagination, then maybe create something even better. This is how I came up with the quote “Tune into Yourself” – it works for both my self-care and creativity.

Eric nailed it right? Here is a little bit more about this creative
Eric is an artist and photographer who works in traditional and digital media. He lives in California with his two cats.
My abstract watercolours started as an experiment and evolved into expressing my deepest thoughts. I plan on new paintings in the near future. My photography is based in nature. My favourite subject is Yosemite National Park, which is a two-hour drive from my home. See more at ERICFORSTER.ART

Cloud Dragon definitely understands the power of art! What about you?

Lisa Chakrabarti  | FX Trader Morphed into Brush Painter 

Lisa Chakrabarti is old. 

Old enough that some school children looking to do a project on artists thought she was dead. 

They also thought she was Japanese. 

Lisa lives and paints in her Los Angeles studio in the Koreatown neighbourhood.

They were mistaken on both counts, but nonetheless, ‘borrowed’ some of Lisa’s artwork from the internet (which was actually quite young at the time) and published it as part of their art project. Lisa found out and it became a ‘teaching moment’ for all. 

After 14 years as an interbank foreign exchange trader, Lisa changed careers and became a painter, working in oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolours, graphite and coloured pencils.  Focusing on a style she calls ‘romantic naturalism” – impressionism based largely on subjects in the natural world – she became subsequently drawn to Sumi and Chinese ink painting after being introduced to both techniques through Asian friends.  She later took up Chinese calligraphy and spent five years studying with Chinese master Zhu Cheng-jun prior to his return to China.  To this day she focuses primarily on Asian ink painting and calligraphy. 

And what about you? If you were creating a t-shirt, what would it say?

.ART Team

.ART Team

members are global citizens with interests ranging from art history to social justice. If we had an office cat we would have called it Basquiat.