Featured image: Kiss in Pandemic by u/Andrea_Nani_ART

We often perceived this special day as the celebration of love between two people in a relationship but what if the past couple of months have made us realize that love can be so much more? It might be time that we rethink this day and question our assumptions. Love is love no matter who is the recipient of your attention.  

Do something for yourself  

Go for a walk, read a couple of pages of a book you crave reading for so long, make your favourite meal, spend an extra hour in your studio, go to the movie theatre or treat yourself to something you earn with your hard work. No matter what it is, do something nice for yourself on this day. Love starts first with ourselves and we are sometimes the person we forget about the most. Self-love and self-care is part of a healthy lifestyle.  

Do something for your art  

While we don’t write a love column – unfortunately, it isn’t our forte – we do art – we strongly suggest that you follow expert – for example, follow @conselforcreative on Instagram. You can also plan and mark in your diary the time you want to spend in your studio and commit to your artistic endeavour. 

Do something for a loved one 

Visit or call someone you love, send something in the mail – after all getting only bills gets very boring very quickly. You could also cook for that special loved one, or bring them something you made like your latest creation which could be a scarf or a little picture – ANYTHING. Once again it isn’t the price tag or the size of the attention that matters. It is the thought and the attention on its own.  


Do something for a stranger  

Smile at someone in the street, pay someone random a compliment, help a person carrying their bags, show shovel the entrance your neighbour even if you don’t know their name, give to a food bank, drop off articles you no longer use at a shelter. You could also go to an elderly centre and go play scrabble or teach a drawing/dance/your art class. There are so many possibilities to pay it forward and make a difference in the life of someone you don’t know personally – sharing this is also caring for your community and for another human.

Do something for your community 

Take time to volunteer at the community centre, get chalks for the kids to draw in the back alley, plant flowers in a community garden, put abrasives on the sidewalk in front of where you live, check if the library or the local art centre doesn’t need docent or someone to come and clean the table after activity at the community centre. Time is one of the resources that we discount sometimes till we don’t have anymore. Time, with money, is a precious resource – so make it count! 
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Do something for the planet  

Commit to start recycling more or composting, go for a walk and pick up trash, take the time to make sure that you receive all your bills online instead of by mail. You could also install a bird shelter or a feeder outside your window. Clean your inbox, walk, cycle or take public transportation instead of a ride-share service or your car for one day. No matter how small this action is, the ripple effect has incredible possibilities! 

This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that is special to your art and your heart – make it count, smile, live life to the fullest even for 5 minutes – take time to be grateful, to embrace yourself, a loved, one, your community or the person, animal or thing you want to give back to.  

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