From the White Rabbit that manages to be perpetually late in Alice in Wonderland, to the mystical jade rabbit that accompanies Chang’e on the moon in Chinese folk tales, the rabbit is one of the most iconic creatures in art and culture from East to West.  

In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is the fourth animal of the twelve, and it symbolizes elegance, longevity, intelligence, and good fortune. In celebrating the year of the rabbit, we are highlighting some of the rabbit artworks on .ART users’ websites.  

Rabbits on .ART 

Red Rabbit by Hunt Slonem, on 1stdibs


GRAFITTI RABBIT by Gillian Linden on StART

Rabbit by Jiang Shuo on Artsy 

Moon Rabbit exhibition by Sarah Petkus (US) and Mark J. Koch (US), on Ars Electronica  


If you want to try your hand at drawing rabbits, artist Priyanka Kashib has a step-by-step tutorial on


The rabbits from these artworks certainly inspired the .ART team to explore this beloved creature in its manifold mythologies and artistic forms. Can you guess which team member created the rabbit in the cover art?  

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