Ipureland (www.ipureland.art) is a creative agency that provides global support to cultural organizations, brands, and artists through consulting, strategic partnerships, professional growth, and digital immersive experiences. The team has extensive experience in cultural project management and utilizes XR technologies to enhance audience engagement. They offer curation and consulting services to art galleries and cultural entities, facilitating international outreach and partnership strategies. Additionally, they mentor artists in honing professional skills, guiding them on career opportunities in art and international residencies. Their partners span a wide geography: the USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Georgia, the UK, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, and Israel.

Creative agency and its mission

Ipureland’s mission is to redefine the convergence of art and technology, delivering meaningful experiences to global audiences. Their cultural management and XR projects encompass a broad spectrum of services, including residencies, curation, educational initiatives, and production.

ipureland residents Dagnini and Yulia Yousma at Ria Keburia

Recently, Ipureland collaborated with the Ria Keburia Foundation. Established in 2018, the foundation aims to support the development of the contemporary art scene in Georgia and the South Caucasus. Within this partnership, Ipureland organized an art residency and a professional development initiative in Georgia, catering to artists compelled to depart from Russia and Belarus. The initiative extended invitations to individual artists and artist collectives, offering them an opportunity to cultivate works that critically investigate, challenge, and extend existing norms of artistic practice. Moreover, the program aspired to unlock international prospects for the participants, who benefited from using residency facilities in Kachreti, Georgia, and participating in an educational program led by globally recognized art experts.

Ipureland’s media production division, Experience, focuses on digital spatial experiences. This team, comprising artists, designers, developers, and creative technologists, is dedicated to crafting immersive worlds that challenge perceptions and expand imaginative horizons. Experience production studio specializes in crafting spatial cinematic encounters, both as commercial ventures and artistic expressions. Collaborating with a global network of partners, they champion critical thinking, spatial imagery, and AI-driven real-time world-making. These experiences can be tailored for site-specific presentations or adapted to virtually any location worldwide. They have the capacity to integrate real individuals and architectural elements into a narrative, or function as self-contained digital realms, with an awareness of the real world limited to spatial mise-en-scène arrangements.


.ART has talked to US-based Anna Evtiuguna, the cultural entrepreneur and founding director of Ipureland, who develops innovative approaches to art education and facilitates workshops and seminars on the art market, curatorial practice, and fundraising for the arts.

Anna Evtiugina moderating a panel discussion with Wade Wallerstein and Doreen A. Rios at Ayarkut Talks

Let’s talk about Ipureland. What functions does it serve? How did you come up with the idea of launching it in the first place?

We consider Ipureland an agency that focuses on curation, production, and consulting. Our approach involves working extensively through partnerships and bringing partners together, serving as a sort of mediator. Typically, we take on projects that include us in the production or curation aspects. In the past, we’ve designed educational or residency programs ourselves—what I’d call professional development programs. We create residency programs that help artists learn new things, meet curators, network, or enhance their practice—beyond just creating new artwork. I was busy with numerous cultural projects for many years, serving as the director of the Iragui gallery. That’s why we decided to unite several directions under one roof: educational programs, symposia, panel discussions, individual educational programs, and artist residencies. These are designed by our team and usually fully funded or subsidized by us. I’ve always been passionate about international exchange in the cultural sphere; I’ve participated in several exchange programs myself. That’s why I wanted to create a program for art professionals. When talking to different organizations, I found that my idea wasn’t a fit for them. So, someone suggested I start my own program, and I thought, “Why not!” I began looking for partners for an artist residency and planned a program together with them, leveraging their existing infrastructure. Our most recent program was special as it was a response to conflict; artists from Russia were fleeing to Georgia and neighboring countries.

What is the overall geography of the partners and projects you’ve worked on?

If we analyze all our activities over the last five years, it would include the USA, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Spain, and France. Regarding our partners, we span 12 countries: the USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Georgia, the UK, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, and Israel.

Collective Academy workshop for artist collectives with Farid Rakun and ruangrupa

What are your future plans? What will you focus on?

We plan to do both. Ipureland has a group of experts who develop projects based on their expertise. We also hire people to develop specific projects. We are focusing on the intersection of art and business. The products we build in our production studio can help creative businesses engage their audiences in new ways. These experiences can be accessed right from one’s home, enabling our technologies to reach anyone with a personal device.

Why did you opt for the .ART domain extension?

We are part of the professional art community. The .ART domain isn’t just a service; it’s a professional network. It sounds great and looks great. We work in diverse areas, and it helps to frame our activities within the art community, which is exactly what we are.

Here are some examples of available domains inspired by this article:

contemporary.art / exhibit.art / now.art / show.art / residencies.art / outreach.art / XR.art 

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