We all know that the age of digital is here to stay, but how can museums, cultural events and institutions best offer a digital experience for their visitors and users? Cuseum addresses this with their popular app by offering mobile engagement, digital memberships, and guest pass referrals, helping museums boost millennial engagement and attendance.  


In just the past year, Cuseum rolled out new products and solutions such as Member Portals, AI-powered Text-to-Speech, AR @ Home, and more, helping hundreds of arts organizations achieve success in audience engagement. Cuseum’s more long-standing world-class tools, such as Mobile Engagement, Digital Memberships and Augmented Reality have long been enjoyed by Perez Art Museum Miami, North Carolina Museum of Art and Newfields. Cuseum has also produced industry-leading webinar programs with over 90,000+ views and registrations, helping museums during and after the impacts of COVID-19, plus emerging trends like NFTs.

“The future of the arts sector will be more digital, more accessible, and more distributed. It has only been two decades since the birth of Google, and we’re not even close to understanding the full power of the internet. Moreover, we haven’t even scratched the surface of where the physical and digital world intersect. It’s only a matter of time before we arrive at distributed, virtual experiences that transcend the four walls. Into the future, we will see AI-curated exhibitions and AI-guided experiences that adapt to the personal tastes and preferences of the viewer. There is untapped potential for public and private collections to fully enter the digital realm, not merely with static images, but with brilliantly interactive, virtual worlds that provide access to the broadest public.”
– Brendan Ciecko, founder of Cuseum

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Cuseum continues to conduct research on the impact of digital programs on revenue generation amongst arts organizations and museums, and the founder Brendan Ciecko’s vision for the benefits of NFTs for art museums was published by Artnet News. We are so curious to see what other developments Cuseum and Ciecko have to offer in the future!