To kick off the 2022 DIIA, we are presenting two ingenious platforms which are focusing on merging art and tech. These companies have explored and promoted new methods of showcasing, categorizing and supporting artists in the digital sphere. and P55 offer their art expertise and platform to facilitate the transition of traditional artists to the world of the internet where they can connect with collectors, exhibit their work, and sell their art.

Let’s take a deeper look into these boundary-pushing projects. Platform Screenshot is an online museum of digital art that is engaged in collecting, exhibiting and empowering artists on the eternal blockchain. They bring art expertise to both ‘traditional artists’ exploring the blockchain, and other terminally-digital artists looking to showcase their art on the web. Their aim as a digital museum is pretty simple:  to offer guidance to a wide range of art communities, to disseminate the culture, and to collect and showcase their art to a new and younger audience without cost. 

They showcase these blockchain-based digital arts to a broad online audience, thereby transcending physical, territorial, and cultural limitations.’s founder Jay Khalifeh says:

“Digital Art, since its inception, was always created using new technologies and innovation, now,  along with the blockchain advent of disintermediation, it is trackable, storable and democratically shareable”

When it’s hard for artists to keep up with the fast and accelerating movement towards everything online, is there to guide and help them adapt almost seamlessly. Showcasing more than 500 works, promotes new art production to represent the artists. They do so by organizing solo and group exhibitions on the Metaverse, adding art to their permanent collection, and using available technologies to facilitate artist-audience interactions. 

This feels like the art community has never been in better hands to transition, evolve and create their art online!

For those who are not looking to ‘create’ digital art online, but to relocate and exhibit their traditional art to online buyers, P55 is the perfect platform you might have been on the lookout for.  

P55 Platform Screenshot

P55’s digital platform sells traditional art like paintings, sculptures, and photographs to online buyers. They believe in the connecting power of technology and use it to support traditional artists worldwide, in both their transition to the online world, and their global expansion by transcending physical barriers and accessing autonomy.

As mentioned by founder and CEO of P55’s Aníbal Faria about Art & Tech:

“These seemingly distinct areas are increasingly linked. Technology provides artists with new tools of expression, becoming a fundamental element for the development and evolution of art and the artist himself. Now with the internet and social media, artists have a powerful tool with which they can change the relationship between collectors and the public, effectively spotting people looking for artworks.”

Since 2020, with 18,000 active users, P55 has allowed more than 1000 traditional artists on their platform to sell their art, resulting in the selling of 5000 artworks and the generation of more than 3 million euros for their artists. Traditional artists on P55 are profiting from the innovative tools the platform provides them to get on-board into the digital world, from global exposure to independence.

We are inspired and hope to witness how things transpire for the & This is the first preview of this year’s competition and we are sure our judges are already wondering how they will choose the shortlist and then the winner! We can’t wait to see how things unfold!