Art & Tech is merging, and these companies are providing artists with innovative resources to excel. They are focused on accessibility and making transaction processes, as well as accreditation and organization, easier for artists on the internet. They empower artists with an accessible and secure platform, as well as increased visibility to collectors all over the world. Loving it? Let’s get to know them!

Cosimo’s Website Screenshot, whose namesake is the great patron of the Arts, Cosimo de Medici, offers artists a platform for great independence with a 0% commission fee. More than supporting the building of online portfolios, cuts off the need for middlemen and systems of hierarchy by providing tools that facilitate the marketing and the selling of digital works directly to collectors. To show that they put the artists’ needs first, they have developed their platform to be easy to use, allowing emerging artists a convenient space to connect with their audiences.’s aim and mission is clear: to give their community the best possible access to the audiences who share their love of the arts, and to empower a new generation into supporting and collecting artists. In an ode to their success, they have grown a community of more than 250 artists from around the world, showcasing more than 1,500 artworks, and a 10,000 visitors engagement on their site.

“There have been so many exciting developments in the art-tech space in recent times, and in many ways it feels like the industry is only just getting started! Above all, the Art World tech-boom seems to be driving a shift towards greater transparency and accessibility – themes which have been central to our early growth and success at It isn’t just through blockchain and crypto that the shift is being felt either – although these are exciting areas of development too! But all artists, especially those working in traditional media, are increasingly going to benefit from access to bigger audiences, increased trust, and more control over how and where their work is displayed and sold.”

  • John Sewell, CEO & Founder,

From then onwards, has only seen success – with client attestation. One of their users, for example, Imogen Morris, has sold more than 50 artworks using their platform, and General Blimey has sold art without hassle for a considerable amount on Praise has been given for’s reliability, accessibility, and support. 

For the cherry on top, is eco-friendly. They do their part in supporting the environment, signing Stripe’s Climate Support Pledge. 

And now we present:


ART GROUP LIMITED is presenting their platform ARTRACX for the Digital Innovation In Art Award, for their innovation in facilitating secure organizational and professional management to artists using their service. 

Art Group Limited’s Website Screenshot

“We foresee a bright future in ART x TECH allowing the stakeholders in the art ecosystem to self-certify their art with Decentralized IDs, chipsets and blockchain”. – Alex Chung – Head of Marketing

ARTRACX platform provides catalog management as well as free certificates of authenticity for art and artists, supported by their unique implementation of blockchain to make proof of existence accessible through the Decentralized ID system using W3C DID Methods, the world’s most trusted high security chipset.

Their innovative approach to art management is bringing about many other projects to be launched. One of these projects, in partnership with ART ID STANDARD, is DID:ART, which will use their DID method to give artists access to a cryptographic private key, an APP, as well as access to their Curator data fabric. 

Moreover, artists, art dealers, art galleries and ecosystems on their DID:ART platform will be able to use blockchain services without hindrance or complication thanks to their ENTITLE APP and ENTITLE Starter Kit, which are NFC enabled chipset labels. On ARTRACX, artists can be sure that their artworks are safe and well managed. 

Another launching project, is an alpha version of ‘’ platform, which they have just started to launch at the Affordable Art Fair in collaboration with artists as well as some art dealers.As a show of their success, they have been featured on ART CENTRAL HK (2022) and will soon feature on Affordable Art Fair HK (2022). 

We are pleased to have both and ART GROUP LTD on our DIIA list for their innovative cataloging and security implementations and await future announcements from our jury! Stay tuned!