We’re presenting you with two additional companies who found themselves on the longlist today: REIVGEN and ARTSTED !They have made creative use of artificial intelligence to promote art. From the use of AI for designing unique art, to the use of AI to analyze artist performances, as well as advice on collector investments,  these platforms are pushing boundaries and unleashing the creativity of their users while maintaining accessibility and security. 

Interested to know who they are and how they work? Read along as we present them as nominees for the Digital Innovation in Art Award. We’re beginning with:


REIVGEN Platform Screenshot

REIVGEN is a platform that has one goal in mind: to bring customizable 3D art to the public – both in the real world and the metaverse – through the most simple web interface by exploiting the power of artificial intelligence. 

“A deeper development of cognitive technologies and the continuous advancements in computational power draw a promising future for generative art, where more sophisticated and intelligent algorithms will drive innovative ways for creating beauty and experiencing aesthetic design.” Juan Andrés Hurtado – CEO and Founder of REIVGEN

REIVGEN’S technology is innovative in that it allows users to optimize the beauty of an aesthetic design from the comfort of a web browser without the need to learn the complex mechanics of a design app. REIVGEN uses an evolving algorithm operating on a new sort of web application, named ‘evolutionary configurator’, to generate the components of any design the user chooses. This AI engine is able to receive feedback and learn from user interfaces and choices to accelerate the beauty optimization process, which results in a design that can be materialized by means of 3D printing or directly enjoyed in the metaverse as a digital asset. 

The AI engine, the evolutionary configurator, can be used over generative algorithms for many products that incorporate aesthetic designs, be it decoration, jewelry, architecture, furniture, lamps, cars, yachts, fashion, multimedia, video-game assets, or even food. The technology is applicable to almost everything the user chooses to apply it to.  And it’s simple and accessible! 

The entire website has been designed with accessibility and user friendliness in mind. The landing page is the gallery where a predefined model can be selected. Once the model’s page is open, the user can acquire it as it is, or customize it by touching a single button in the evolutionary configurator. This experience is transparent and uncomplicated. 

The purchase of a digital asset is also much simpler since it is entirely managed by a Web3 API or marketplace. Once customers purchase a physical piece on the website, the system automatically generates production and transportation orders for suppliers to manufacture and deliver the piece to the buyer. By having this purely digital structure based on web technology, the project is fully scalable and sustainable. 

REIVGEN’s website is also cross-platform compatible, making real-time 3D generation accessible even in low-end devices. You can generate designs from anywhere!

The company believes the metaverse facilitates an environment to enjoy exclusive digital assets, and that their additive manufacturing can foster creativity for users that have infinite possibilities for how they want their artwork to materialize. 

Exciting and creative! There are many ways to use AI and REIVGEN is using it to promote artistic endeavors. 

Our next nominee is ARTSTED. 


ARTSTED Platform Screenshot

ARTSTED’s goal is simple: to support and empower artists with exposure and autonomy, and to make art investment more accessible and transparent to collectors. In commitment to their vision, ARTSTED  launched an MVP e-commerce platform that helps both artists and collectors navigate art through an innovative AI proprietary algorithm. 

This AI Algorithm provides fair technology-powered evaluations and predicts emerging artists’ performance, proving to be advantageous to collectors in many ways – from accessibility to different art sectors, security of transaction, to transparency about the art they purchase and the artists they support.

Having secured a reliable platform on ARTSTED, collectors can use the site to benchmark the art they see with the general art market, to evaluate the purchase from an investment perspective, and to ease the transaction process at the time of purchase. The platform also supports artists in building their careers by showcasing and selling their art on ARTSTED’S platform without the need for intermediaries, proving innovative for artists in the recent merge of Art & Tech. As CEO and Founder Maryna Rybackova explains:

“In the present moment we are witnessing technology-induced generational transformations in every space of life, and as a rule of thumb, artists and creatives are at the forefront of it. Our mission at Artsted is providing creators with intuitive tools to solve actual problems, get visibility and bring in sales, while bringing in the unprecedented level of value transparency in the primary market.

Art & tech sector is still making baby steps along the established industries that embraced the technology as their core infrastructure. It is a great honor to be part of the movement and build a better and more equitable art market for the generations to come.”

Thanks to their second project, an NFT launch, ARTSTED expands the vision by providing traditional artists an opportunity to enter the digital ecosystem in creating 1:1 NFTs on their platform and selling them, through a curated selection, directly to collectors. This way, ARTSTED builds a bridge between the analog art world and the digital and crypto one, making the entryway for Web3 artists and tools into a 60 billion dollar traditional fine art industry much easier. 

And artists are quickly embarking on this Web3 journey! ARTSTED has seen an outstanding traction of 500 emerging artists selling on their platform, which represents only 10% of the requests they’ve received. Why only 10%? Because ARTSTED filters and curates their artist selection with a curatorial team to ensure the highest aesthetic quality and investment-grade art to buyers. Collectors are not complaining, and growth in sales has been great, especially when it comes to NFTs. 

REIVGEN and ARTSTED’s success is still mounting, and we are excited to see them on the list of nominees for the Digital Innovation in Art Award. More announcements coming in September and October So, Stay Tuned!