Red T Multiples: Digital Innovation in Art Award Nominee 2021

Nine candidates are composing 2021 shortlist for the Digital Innovation in Art Award. The competition was unprecedented this year. This is why we will continue to highlight many of the great projects and businesses that have entered the Digital Innovation in Art Award until the Award Ceremony that will take place on October 14th, no matter if they have made it to the shortlist or not!

Have you ever wished you could quickly and easily order personalised art created by a talented artist? You don’t want the generic print from a high street shop – you want an art piece that is special, limited, and designed by someone great – so what do you do? You turn to Red T Multiples: a company that delivers its clients fully customized artwork by talented artists in minutes. 

Red T Multiples

The innovative company enables clients to have direct access to licensed fine art in digital copy to create whatever the brief requires. This means that the client gets what they want without any back and forth or wasted time. We all know that art should be rare and unique, which is why Red T Multiples works under a strict limited-edition license with their artists, making sure their work remains limited and the clients have an exclusive proposition. It’s a win-win for all.  

To date, the company has sold nearly 800 prints, paid 9 artists over US$30,000 in royalties and attracted 4 hotels, 2 restaurants and one retail client, with a highly active pipeline.  

“Art is of the people and for the people.  Digital innovation across conventional practice disrupts the status quo, elevates the reach and impact art can have offering increased inclusion, access and efficiency in how we consume art and how artists benefit and promote the work they do.  What’s not to get excited about?” 

– Tamsin Nugent, Founder/Director Red T Multiples 

Red T Multiples have had some exciting collaborations, including HKWalls, a nonprofit dedicated to negotiating walls around Hong Kong to offer to mural painters. It’s the only place globally where you can stand in front of a piece of street art and turn it into a customised piece of limited-edition fine art. As for what’s next? The company is researching full circular production for up-cycled canvases and plastic sculptures, committed to doing the least damage to our planet whilst delivering uncompromising quality.  Sustainable, innovative, and creative – what isn’t to love about Red T Multiples?  

.ART Team
.ART Team
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