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Members of the .ART team visited the Street Art Museum of Saint Petersburg to take part in Sam Fair, an annual event that brings modern artists closer to their potential audiences.

Featured image: “Burger”(s!) by Sam Fair participant Sinoptikk

This past weekend the Street Art Museum of Saint Petersburg hosted the third edition of Sam Fair, which featured works of 130 modern artists carefully selected by the organisers. They could exhibit for free on just one condition: their work had to be priced between as little as 8$ and 800$. Among headliners were such commercially successful artists as Slava Ptrk (slavaptrk.art) and Ztwins.

In a city like Saint Petersburg, where the art scene is polarized between the very official and the backstage of small galleries and apartment sales, such a bridge between the artists and their audience is crucial. It fights the stigma of modern art being an elitist scene that’s hard to access and even harder to make sense of.

The .ART team gave a talk on the importance of online presence for artists and explained the simplicity and benefits of having a website in the age of social media. In partnership with reg.ru, an official .ART ambassador in Russia,  .ART will donate all of the profits made from domain sales in the month of October to support street art in Russia.

Many of the artists who presented their works at the fair were gifted .ART domain names, including EliKuka group, who experiment with kinetic installations all over Moscow, Vienna and Paris and artists Galia Fadeeva, Olga Tobreluts and Max Savva. We expect some beautiful websites to come!

Find out more: www.samfair.art


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