Some of our adopters are traditional artists, museums, and galleries, but some are cake or cookie decorators, taxidermists, astrologers, sportsmen and everything in between. Creativity is key here, so stop feeling like an impostor and unleash your personality with all its particularities and quirkiness and create an online presence on .ART, the domain for the creative community in all, is breath and depth!


This website was created for Chang Chia-Che, a Taiwanese athlete. On it, you can see some photos, advice about nutrition and most importantly, the records and results from the athlete.


Roasting coffee is an art; there is no doubt about this! To find the perfect balance to craft this remarkable beverage, you need a true artist. The lovely human who adore beer and coffee and who are behind Sprout Coffee Roaster have at heart to create an experience, from their branding and design, to what they offer – in addition to coffee – of course, everything is curated and carefully crafted, making them true artist and artisan!


It is funny that many parents normally advise their offspring to pick a ”real” line of work instead of being artists – we all heard this tale, right? But what if their children were clever enough to merge both together?  Guest Work Agency choose .ART for its online presence and is an art law and advisory firm that provides innovative legal solutions for the art industry.

Chef Seyhak on Ronin.ART

Because you are never too young to create art or inspire someone to do so, we needed to include Chef Seyhak in our top 5. This little grade-school boy who lives in Kampong Cham is an absolute inspiration. Very few, even years later, are handling a spoon and a wok or even a big knife with as much ease as he does, but most importantly he showcases sharp attention to mastering his art and making the best of his products. As for Ronin, they are bringing together an impressive roster of creatives who are sharing their stories and showcasing their creations.

Medicalbill.artFinally, we couldn’t leave you with something that touched upon the medical sector! But this one will blow your mind with its creativity – are you ready? Medical Bill Art literally transform people’s medical bill in artwork and sell them with the intention of putting the money back in the kitty to pay those medical bills. Genius? They already went through 30 drops and offset $73K of debt!