The Van Arsdol Collection: A Hidden Gem

The auction will feature 12 select pieces from the Van Arsdol collection, which has remained private for over four decades. Robin Van Arsdol, an artist who once painted the streets of Lower Manhattan alongside Warhol and others, has partnered with, another .ART adopter, to unveil his collection. Emerging from the gritty 1980s NYC Andy Warhol Art Scene, the collection features unseen works by art legends. It reflects a time when the city’s streets were alive with the raw energy of graffiti art. Van Arsdol’s decision to share his collection now aligns with the psychedelic and transformative values celebrated by the Wonderland community. This selection of art is ripe for discovery and acquisition, available exclusively to Wonderland VIP Collectors from November 1 to November 8, 2023. is a Miami-based artist-collector synergy group that empowers artist entrepreneurs. Their mission is to transform artworks into culturally significant, investment-grade assets, fostering a paradigm of love, magic, and intergenerational prosperity. This auction is a testament to their commitment to nurturing art through the lens of psychedelic ingenuity.

Wonderland 2023: A VIP Experience

In conjunction with Wonderland 2023, extends an exclusive invitation to Wonderland VIP Collectors for “An Evening With The Souls of Gianni Versace, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring & our guest of honor, Artist Robin Van Arsdol.” This VIP event, set against the luxurious backdrop of the Versace Mansion, promises a night of nostalgia, invoking the spirit of the 1980s NYC graffiti art scene.

Bidding: A Hybrid Approach

The excitement began with online bidding on November 1 and will culminate in a live auction on November 8th at the Wonderland Welcome Party. This hybrid approach allows art lovers and collectors to engage with the auction from anywhere in the world, leading up to the thrilling live event.

Auctioneer Extraordinaire: Wayne Wheat

The auction, a hybrid of in-person and online bidding, will be conducted by Leading the charge is World Champion Auctioneer Wayne Wheat, whose 28 years of experience and global reputation for auctioning premium domain names and fine art ensure that and the accompanying artworks are in expert hands.

Post-Auction: A Global Tour

Following the auction, the Van Arsdol collection will go on a global tour, exhibiting at top galleries and art festivals worldwide. This tour offers a unique opportunity for art aficionados to view these works in person, celebrating the collection’s release from its private confines.

Join the Auction

To participate in this unprecedented auction and secure a piece of graffiti art history, collectors are encouraged to reserve their invitation by obtaining a Wonderland Conference VIP ticket. This is more than an auction; it’s an opportunity to intimately connect with a pivotal moment in art history and to own a domain that stands as a testament to the cultural impact of graffiti art.

Bid on 

The auction describes the premium .ART domain as following: “In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, stands out as a significant digital asset, offering Web3 compatibility for forward-thinking artists and investors. This domain is not just an address – it’s a statement, a piece of digital real estate ripe for development into an art hub, NFT gallery, or virtual exhibition space. Acquiring is investing in a piece of the internet’s own wall space, a limitless canvas where the art of today and tomorrow will continue to thrive and inspire.”

You can view the GRAFFITI.ART listing and bid on it here