In April the team of .ART visited miart art fair, the international modern and contemporary art fair in Milan, which offers a wide audience of Italian and international collectors the opportunity to discover masterpieces from the early twentieth century to the creations of the latest generations.

After ‘Dismantling silence’ in 2021 and starting the ‘first movement’ of a possible new symphony the following year, in 2023 miart continued in the vein of musical metaphors shaping the visual identity of the new edition around the word ‘Crescendo’. In technical language, the term referred to a dynamic musical indication involving the gradual increase in the intensity of sound in a composition; but in this context it also refers to the growth – in terms of quality, participation, audience.

Miart hosted 3 sections – Established, Decades and Emergent – where Hoa Gallery (, one of .ART’s adopters, was showcasing the works by Kelton Campos Fausto. Kelton is a multidisciplinary, non-binary artist, resident and founder of the platform and collective BRASILÂNDIA.CO. The artist produces and creates images transiting through the languages ​​of video, painting, ceramics and performance. Currently she is interested in the plastic construction of the misconception of the Brazilian diaspora, architecting spaces and spiritual scenes that propose spaces of life, based on other ways of apprehending reality and the body.

Artworks by Kelton Campos Fausto

In a bold and groundbreaking move, Hoa Gallery is challenging the status quo of Latin American contemporary art. Founded in 2020 by visionary artist Igi Lola Ayedun, this artist-led arts organization has emerged as a virtual powerhouse, disrupting traditional gallery norms and redefining the narrative surrounding artistic expression in the region.

By breaking free from the constraints of physical space, Hoa Gallery has shattered geographical barriers, offering a truly global platform accessible to art enthusiasts everywhere with an internet connection. This digital approach, integrating communication, exhibition, education, studio practices, and sales experiences, has propelled Hoa Gallery into the forefront of the art world, revolutionizing the way art is experienced and consumed.

Central to Hoa Gallery’s mission is the dismantling of the long-held notion that Latin American art is forever playing catch-up to European or North American aesthetics. The days of stereotypical representations of Latin modernism or the exotification of Brazilian tropicalia are in the past. Hoa Gallery staunchly champions a genuine and unapologetic artistic revolution grounded in the rich cultural heritage of Latin America, challenging the dominant narratives and celebrating the diversity and authenticity of the region’s art.

Hoa Gallery stands as Brazil’s first black-owned gallery, situated in the vibrant city of São Paulo. Its dedication to showcasing artists from the global majority has created a network of over 40 talented artists. Together, they are reshaping the local art scene and constructing a new vision of decolonial culture that embraces and empowers marginalized communities.

Hoa Gallery space at miart art fair. Photographer Nicola Gnesi

At the heart of Hoa Gallery lies an immersive curatorial experience that transports visitors into a world where artistic boundaries are shattered. From evocative paintings that ignite emotions to awe-inspiring three-dimensional installations that challenge convention, Hoa Gallery curates a diverse range of mediums, fostering a multimedia relationship with a new generation of artists, thinkers, and curators. This commitment to artistic diversity is a testament to the gallery’s unwavering dedication to representing the rich tapestry of Latin American artistic expression.

Hoa Gallery is not merely a space for art appreciation; it is a catalyst for learning, teaching, and critical dialogue. Through its educational initiatives, the gallery empowers both artists and viewers to engage with art on a deeper level, encouraging them to question established norms, explore their identities, and actively contribute to the discourse on decolonization and artistic expression. Hoa Gallery serves as a transformative platform, providing opportunities for artists to grow and thrive while fostering a community of engaged and enlightened art enthusiasts.

Through its unyielding commitment to a decolonial perspective, Hoa Gallery revolutionizes Latin American contemporary art, casting aside outdated norms and amplifying underrepresented voices. In the ever-evolving landscape of art, Hoa Gallery’s impact cannot be understated. It is a driving force in reshaping Latin American contemporary art, uniting artists and viewers across the globe in a shared quest for artistic liberation. 

Igi Lola Ayedun, the founder of Hoa Gallery, comments:

Hoa is first of all an organization, then it became a gallery. We are an artist-led organization, founded and managed by artists. This is why .ART is very important for us – it expands the sense of viewing art and circulating art.