Both Anum Farooq and enLIGHTen-ment present us with their platforms that advocate for learning about art and through art using tech! These platforms are built for their users to serve their creativity, and strengthen their bond with compassion, history, and solidarity. 


Anum Farooq’s Website Screenshot

Anum Farooq’s project highlights the way art technologies have allowed women, on a global scale and throughout the pandemic, to use art to connect in a compassionate way beyond limitations, beyond borders. The founder of the eponym project says: 

“We are seeing a zeitgeist in the world. A great change. We are also seeing a greater awareness of the challenges and obstacles that women are facing. There are more open and honest conversations about what life is like for women around the world. It is a unique experience for every individual, and our focus theme is an exploration between women and compassion. This is a unique opportunity to participate in an international digital exhibition with a focus on “women and compassion”.

During the pandemic, when an imposition of isolation and distance was taking place, Anum Farooq’s project has been focused on innovative technologies with a purpose to let art and compassion be an intermediary language between women all across the world. With this project, all are encouraged to participate in a driving forward of positive outcomes, positive acts, to launch the positive sociological zeitgeist or new era. The way to do so is using the zeitgeist’s technologies to create art and connect. 

“I believe modern innovation is a sustainable concept, which bridges the best of the traditional and modern worlds, via creativity and inventiveness. Looking towards the near horizon of the Art and Tech sector, I think there will be a growing trend towards public engagement and in ensuring clarity and understanding for all, in order to solidify the growing interlinks between the Art and Tech spheres.” – Anum Farooq – Founder

The project has launched an international digital art exhibition on their platform that spans numerous countries and continents, allowing many to reconnect through art. This has created an opportunity for international discussion on the global art scene through a global invitation for art and exhibitions. Emerging artists, established artists, as well as self-taught artists are all encouraged to apply with a purpose to lead the change in the cultural zeitgeist.

Not only has the project resulted in a global exhibition, but a grassroots art documentary, as well as an up and coming digital art book. The main question the project focuses on is: How has kindness, and kind actions, changed the lives of women globally? What change has kindness brought about women’s lives or those of others? How did they empower themselves and others through compassion? Anum Farooq believes fervently in the impact of compassion – its impact to transform destinies for the better. The chosen language for this compassion is art, and the vessel – technology. 

This project is an opportunity for women all across the world to connect and share their experiences of compassion through art on a global scale. They have gathered women artists from all across the world, into this innovative project that is still conceiving great offspring. 

A great innovation in Art & Tech with great ethics. 

And now, we present another platform to the stage (yes – a virtual stage), let’s welcome


enLIGHTen-ment Website’s Screenshot

enLIGHTen-ment is a new project by the Fine Arts department of the University of Silpakorn in Thailand. This project is a platform that features virtual reality artworks that incorporate both computer advancements and human intelligence to transport the viewer to an effective and appropriate learning experience. What are we learning about? The Buddha and his wisdom! 

This platform uses New Media Art and Virtual Reality in an innovative and new way with the purpose to teach the Buddha’s story and his meditation practice. As creator, Assistant Professor Dr. Gomesh Karnchanapayap explains:

“As technology advances, art and creativity will also progress. Increasingly, art will rely on technology, which will streamline the creative process while allowing artists to express themselves.”

Data collected on their platform shows that, out of 107 users, the average audience tended to spend the longest time when interaction with the artwork was possible, either through creating elements or altering them. Second longest time spent (around 560 seconds) was on works which place the audiences in simulating situations. The shortest time was when no interaction happened and the user was simply a spectator. 

Furthermore, this project is not limited to the web, as it can be visited as an art installation in an art gallery setting, and at the Youth Art Camp at Nan Riverside Art Gallery.

We want to wish the best of luck Anum Farooq and enLIGHTen-ment / Silpakorn University for the DIIA, and wait for our jury on elections this Fall! Stay Tuned!