A platform to manage, authenticate, and monetize artworks and collectibles.

In a significant development for the art and cultural community, the .ART Registry announced the beta launch of on World Art Day. As a platform designed to enhance the organization, management, and monetization of artworks and cultural objects, is set to transform how creatives around the world interact with their crafts. Here’s a closer look at what makes a ground-breaking tool for artists and creatives across the globe.  

Supporting Diverse Art Forms from Paintings to Crafts

World Art Day was chosen for the beta launch of to emphasize the platform’s commitment to enhancing the visibility and viability of art in all its forms. Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, a digital artist, or a crafter, provides a robust and user-friendly suite of tools that simplifies showcasing, authenticating, and monetizing creative works. 

Ulvi Kasimov, the founder of .ART, stated, “ is the culmination of our vision to create a unified digital register for all art and cultural objects. It’s about providing a space where every form of creativity—be it painting, sculpture, crafts, jewelry, or even collectible items like trinkets and souvenirs—can be authenticated, managed, and shared with the world.” 

Exploring’s Cutting-Edge Tools for Artists introduces several innovative features that streamline the digital experience for users: 

Unique Digital ID for You and Each Work

Every artist and each piece of art gets a professional portfolio website and dedicated webpages. This feature not only enhances the professional presentation of your work but also facilitates better management and authentication processes. 

Centralizing Your Artistic Presence Online

This centralized dashboard allows artists to manage all their works, related content, and links to social media and marketplaces in one place, making it easier to maintain a coherent and powerful digital presence. 

Certificates of Authenticity

Enhance the trust and value of your artworks and collectibles with verifiable certificates. These certificates are linked directly to the webpage for each item, where detailed provenance is stored and shared, adding a layer of security and authenticity. 

Easy NFT Minting

With just three clicks, users can mint NFTs of any item without needing a digital wallet. This process simplifies the entry into the burgeoning NFT market, making it accessible even to those new to digital art and collectibles. 

Global Art and Culture Register 

As a secure global record of provenance, provides a recognized method for artists to declare their artistic and cultural presence and document their works, items, or collections comprehensively. 

Join the Beta Launch

As we celebrate the beta launch of this World Art Day, we invite all art and culture enthusiasts to join us. Your participation and feedback will be crucial in refining a platform that not only meets the diverse needs of the global art community but also enhances global appreciation and accessibility of art and cultural objects.  

To be part of this revolutionary journey, sign up for free at today and start exploring the myriad possibilities that brings to your creative endeavors. 

The launch of beta marks a new chapter in the intersection of technology and art. By providing tools that empower artists and creatives to better manage, authenticate, and monetize their works, is setting the stage for a more interconnected and accessible global art community. Join us on this exciting journey to reshape the future of art and creativity.