Image above: Pedro Vaz by photographer João Grama

Lisbon-based artist Pedro Vaz ( is exploring landscapes, while reflecting on the symbiotic relationship between nature and human intervention. His artistic practice spans across paintings and video installations, distinguished by interaction of personal experience, environmental immersion, and the evocative qualities of memory.

Artwork by Pedro Vaz

In describing his practice, Vaz elucidates how fieldwork materials intertwine with his studio practice, emphasising the irreplaceable essence of firsthand experiences. He highlights the interplay between planning and creativity, mirroring the dichotomy of his expeditionary and studio environments: “The photographs and video footage I gather during field work, what I call my primary raw materials, combine in the studio with the secondary materials, the whole experience of my physical travelling to the place, which no sort of second-hand visualisation or experience can replace. Then, with these two sets of raw materials in my possession, I begin work on the project in my studio. The studio work brings to fruition the aforementioned strategy of now distancing myself from nature, now drawing closer to it. Here, in a way that is quite unlike the expedition’s careful planning, I give room for chance to play, allowing nature to operate here”. 

Artwork by Pedro Vaz

 At the core of Vaz’s creative process lies immersive engagement with the environments the artist delves into. Switching between on-site expeditions and the confines of his studio, he harnesses the abstracting power of memory to encapsulate the essence of the landscapes he encounters. This dual approach not only documents the raw beauty of nature but also underscores the transformative state of memory. The artist comments: “I constantly alternate between nature trips and stays in the city. That balance of ideas and experiences is needed for my research”. 

“I am focused on the expeditions, on the contact with nature. My methodology is to always work site-specific,” he affirms, underscoring his dedication to creating artistic projects that resonate intimately with its surroundings. 

Pedro Vaz underscores another key principle of his methodology, emphasising the importance of preserving the seamless continuity of the natural environment. “The landscape must not be altered by my presence. I aim to move through it as a respectful observer, acknowledging my role as an outsider who temporarily occupies this space without leaving a lasting imprint.”

In response to inquiries about the role of his walks in shaping his works, Vaz emphasises their significance, stating, “They are of crucial importance; physical and bodily experiences are the ground on which I develop my projects.” 

Artwork by Pedro Vaz

When asked about his preparation for journeys, Vaz underscores the importance of mental and physical readiness. “Every journey is indeed preceded by a process of mental preparation, internalisation, physical and mental planning,” he shares. He elaborates on his physical regimen, including running and tailored training before embarking on expeditions.

Distinctive methodology of image accumulation by Pedro Vaz, slow pace of his video artworks and the paintings, which are capturing the momentum, aim at encapsulating the evolution of landscapes and the subjective experience of time during his journeys. 

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