May 23, 2019

Israeli Shalva Band won people’s hearts at Eurovision

An emotional performance by the Israeli band made up of musicians with disabilities won the audience’s hearts at Thursday’s Eurovision second semifinal

The song “A Million Dreams” left no one indifferent.

Israel’s Shalva Band earned global audience’s praise at Thursday’s Eurovison show, performing a song called “A Million Dreams” and using music as a language to unite people of all nationalities and abilities. Dozens of praising reviews on social networks call Shalva Band the real winners of the Eurovision 2019.

The Shalva Band is made up of eight talented musicians with disabilities whose music conforms to the highest musical standards. They are regularly invited to perform at cultural venues, dignitary events, along with celebrity artists in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico and Russia.

The Shalva foundation, located in Jerusalem, is dedicated to the provision of transformative care for individuals with disabilities, as well as the empowerment of their families and the promotion of social inclusion. Shalva states that their performances are an opportunity to experience inclusion of people with disabilities in a positive and inspiring way; to think differently about challenges, achievement, bravery, and acceptance; to discover a world where people are first and foremost people, united by our belonging to the human race, rather than separated by our differences.

.ART is proud to be part of the broad Shalva Project and to support the initiative which allows you, no matter how far from Jerusalem, to leave a note with a prayer or request inside the Western Wall. And the children from the Shalva Center will help you to share your deepest hopes and prayers.

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