Gifting is an art in itself – it might be hard to find THE gift to someone who you love that will fit in your budget. While there are a bunch of gifts guide each year, we thought that offering you a version for creatives might be just what you need! Their expectation and sometimes ideas are just challenging to find. 

No time and no desire for shopping
Creating art can be expensive, so a gift card for their preferred art supply shop is always a good idea that won’t go to waste. It also showcases that you know your creative friend very well and still put some thoughtfulness into their gift.  

Alternatively, contribute to making their art known to the world with a .ART Domain – while this might seem like giving them an additional task – trust us – it won’t be. With every domain name purchase on you can instal an easy to use and FREE website builder! Furthermore, our blog is filled with gem articles about many things that will help with professionalising one’s journey and making a living out of their creative endeavours. Promo code WINTERTIME gives you 30% off currently!

For the book lover (and yourself)

.ART started its book club this year, and it is an excellent starting point. We also have many articles discussing the best book to have on your bookshelves if you are an aspiring collector, an artist or simply an art lover! Here are some recommendations by our evlyne Laurin, who is in charge of the book club. Here are some of her best reads (some are a bit older than others, but oldies are goodies) and the perfect books to enjoy your holidays or to giveaway!  

  • Pamela Bannos Vivian Maier
  • Chip Colwell Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits 
  • Jennifer Dasal ArtCurious
  • Lisa Hostetler The photographer’s cooking book
  • Jennifer Lawson Broken (in the best possible way) 
  • Catherine McCormack Women in the picture
  • Rosalind M. Pepall Talking to a Portrait
  • Mark Sealy Decolonising the Camera: Photography in Radical Time  
  • Edmund de Waal The Hare with Amber Eyes and/or Letters to Camondo  

Offer a unique experience or a creative evening without ever leaving home

Have you taken a look at the latest art documentary? The Lost Leonardo is now available, as a rental, on Apple TV, and you can make an evening of it by cooking something nice or at least get a bag of popcorn and diving into the remarkable history of this painting – chat with your friends about it. What are everybody else impressions? Many good art-related movies and documentaries are available for free or for a small rental fee that won’t break the bank! Check out, one of this year’s nominees of Digital Innovation in the Arts Award.  Alternatively, Zero-G launched their second season not too long ago, and they have a new show on WITNESS. This new work for their groundbreaking virtual theatre is a documentary piece about the migratory experience of Jewish people in the face of antisemitism. Based on extensive research, historical material mainly coming from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and playwright Nana Grinstein has weaved them together with the collaboration of dramaturg Blair Cadden and Arlekin’s artistic director Igo Golyak. A novelty that is great to point out – they now have student discounts!  

WITNESS – Still images from Zero-G – Scenography and costume design by Anna Fedorova, virtual design by Daniel Cormino.

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Want to shop – shop local, shop creative!
Shopping local is another key component of holiday gifting. Markets are sprouting everywhere, and it is the opportunity to discover local creative talent, from jewellers to soap makers, painters and illustrators. These are also the perfect timing to create new bonds with your community. There are also a lot of shops that promote editions of localish artists and are working hand in hand to foster a creative economy. Take a look at this article to discover some of them: The Impossibility of Art Collecting in the Mind of Someone with Little Money. Many other platforms like BetterShared, 20 x 200, Etsy or Kickstarter.ART that will allow you to find the gift you have envisioned fabricated by an artist!  

Let your creativity run wild to find a unique gift. A box of cookies, some delicious and rich caramel to spread on toasts or cupcakes, a drawing, small memorabilia, a tree ornament or anything else that you put your thoughtfulness into will make the person on the receiving end delighted. The gesture is the most important, and the time and cares you will have taken to create your gift will shine through. As we know, art exists in many forms, from food to performance, to a ski lesson and everything in between.  

Sock filler and a rewarding visit to a beloved museum shop – the perfect ending to seeing great art
If your local shop didn’t have everything you wish for, remember that museums stores are also excellent for finding the ideal sock filler, brilliant books and white elephant gift exchange! Here are some of our best-loved found in museum shops worldwide (and online)!

ART Boozel – Cocktails inspired by Modern and Contemporary Artists by Jennifer Croll | Ideal for anybody who likes play on words, cocktails and Art!  

Art Oracles: Creative And Life Inspiration From 50 Artists by Katya Tylevich and illustrated by Mikkel Sommer Christensen | Ideal when you wake up in the morning and aren’t sure about what the future holds – it will make you laugh at least and might inspire or change the way your day will shape up!

Any books by Hoxton Mini Press – it’s simple we are obsessed with those photography books. They feel like a treat at a very reasonable price. They are just a delightful collection from simply luscious images – vintage or contemporary to the best spots for beer, cocktails, and boutique hotels. We have a particular sweet spot for the first book they ever published, “I’ve lived in East London for 86 ½ Years (Book 1: East London Photo Stories)” by Martin Usborne, one of the two founders of Hoxton Mini Press. 

Another of our treasured go-to is The School of Life – if you haven’t discovered their books and other little meaningful and helpful products yet – please take a look. These can also make fun and inexpensive present if you have employees!

We are sure that there are many more gifts that we can have suggested! Please share them with us. We will happily add them to the blog! Let us know the best gift you ever gifted someone or the one that you still remember receiving years later – we want to hear about it.

🎄 Finally, a very happy and merry holiday season from .ART Team! 🎄