Malta Biennale 2024: Unveiling New Dimensions of Mediterranean Culture

This year marks the inaugural Malta Biennale (, an event poised to transform the picturesque landscapes of Malta and Gozo into a vibrant canvas for contemporary art. Running from March 13 to may 31st, 2024, this cultural extravaganza invites locals and international visitors alike to embark on a thought-provoking journey through the theme “White Sea Olive Groves.” Reflecting on the interplay between art and society within the Mediterranean context, the Biennale promises to challenge and broaden perspectives through an array of artistic expressions.

The Malta Biennale boasts an impressive roster of 80 artists from 23 countries, each bringing their unique voices and perspectives to the fore. These artists, renowned for their contributions to contemporary art across various mediums—painting, sculpture, video art, installations, and more—have exhibited their works in prestigious museums and cultural events around the globe. Now, they converge in Malta, offering specially curated artworks that dialog with the island’s rich heritage sites, creating new contexts and narratives.

Artists Shaping the Narrative of the Malta Biennale

Among participating artists, Tania Bruguera stands out with her politically engaged art practices that examine power structures and their impact on societal injustices. Austin Camilleri’s multifaceted approach explores themes of time and transience, while Ibrahim Mahama delves into commodity, migration, and globalization through material transformation. Salvadoran artist Guadalupe Maravilla weaves activism and healing into his work, addressing migration and generational trauma with a focus on care and regeneration.

The interdisciplinary collective POST DISASTER employs the metaphor of disaster to scrutinize global dynamics, offering a critical spatial practice that resonates with the Mediterranean’s ecological crises. Laure Prouvost, known for her film installations that blur fiction and reality, represents France, while Pedro Reyes from Mexico introduces Social Sculptures that propose playful solutions to societal issues. Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña’s work, rooted in ecological and human rights concerns, offers a poignant commentary on the modern world.

These artists contribute to a broader dialogue initiated by the Malta Biennale, inviting audiences to engage with the artwork, reflect on its meanings, and participate in conversations inspired by the fusion of art and heritage. Mario Cutajar, President and founder of, expresses pride in hosting such a diverse and talented group of artists, underscoring the event’s potential to enrich and inspire all attendees.

Envisioning New Futures Through Art

The Malta Biennale 2024 sets the stage for an unprecedented arts and cultural experience that intertwines the past and present, inviting us to envision new futures for the Mediterranean region. Through the lens of contemporary art, the Biennale aims to challenge extractive tourism narratives and promote a more profound appreciation for the places and histories that shape our collective identity. This celebration of art and heritage promises to be a landmark event, not just for Malta but for the global arts community, offering a unique opportunity to explore the Mediterranean’s cultural landscape in new and exciting ways.