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noun: teaching; plural noun: teachings 

  1. the occupation, profession, or work of a teacher. 
  2. ideas or principles taught by an authority. 

Teachers, informal or formal, are the ones most of us are in debt to have learned math, languages or any other competencies that are part of our every day – creativity and art can also be taught. This sort of knowledge exchange is sometimes the backstories of how many of us have turned into creativity. From channelling an overdose of energy to emotions – because you had finished already all the other exercises or by curiosity – many of us are in debt of our teachers. I know I am, and while I might not recall her name, I recall the story this intern told me when she said that I would regret a lifelong career in…. drum roll… microbiology. The arts were my calling, I was devouring rolls of film faster than my camera shutter was able to click. Where would I have been without this devoted teacher in training who simply changed the course of my life in a 5 minutes conversation? Between her and my parents, who taught me a bunch but also spent their entire career teaching other kids – my life journey has shown me the importance of teaching and the ART of it.  

Are you a teacher? Have you ever taught in a formal or informal setting? Share your story with us – on social media and reach out to us so we create a conversation and exchange tricks and tips. Also, you might be a student, and if so, we also want to help you. Visit our .ART DepARTment for special offers for you! 

We (almost) all have that life-changing experience, that teacher, instructor, teacher assistant or someone with whom we did a workshop, a class – someone that has been key in our development as a human. Those stories are the best, and they have altered the lives of many creatives. We all need someone who believes in our abilities, in our talent and that will encourage us to live boldly and follow the route we want, even if it is only as a Sunday painter. Here are some .ART adopters that we hope can do just that, no matter what is your creative voice like!

Wendy Hanna 

Former student at the Queensland College of Art, Wendy Hanna gives playful Art classes for people of any age and experience in the city of Agnes Water, Australia. There are three strict rules that you need to respect in her classes: first, you need to use colours that suit you, you also have to get creative and last but not least, you are required to have fun. Bridal Showers, Hen’s Parties, Girls Squads – she will follow you in every project. 

Visit her website wendyhanna.art to discover more about her work or find her under @wendyhannaart on Instagram. 

The Art of Process 

The Art of Process host several interesting activities: art workshops, courses and retreats exploring archetypes in nature and specialising in sacred geometry and biomorphic patterns. Among their “Bookings” section you can find several classes each more interesting than the last: “Intro to Sacred Geometry”, “Golden Spirals in Nature”, “Mandala Meditation”, “Hidden Geometry of The Ocean” or “Moroccan Pattern”, to name but a few.  

You can discover more about their practice on their website theartofprocess.art or by looking on Instagram under @theartofprocess. 
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The Domino Team are committed to improving teamwork. Through their workshops, you will learn how to improve not only communication and concentration but also teamwork within your team – whether it be employees, colleagues or even students. These are three fundamental pillars. The Domino team has organised and supervised a team-building event together with Sinners Domino Entertainment for Yorkshire tea so as to strengthen the team. 

To see it yourself, follower them on Instagram under @austriandominoart, or pay their website domino.art a visit. 

Alistair Lambert 

Alistair Lambert is a talented sculptor who plays with patterns and geometry by using simple systems of making and repeated forms. He has decided to engage with his audience by the establishment of sculpture workshops that are unique opportunities for creativity. Alistair works with people of all ages and abilities and has taken part in community projects. 

Look into his universe by visiting his website alistairlambert.art or following him on Instagram under the handle @alistairlambert 

Theresa Goesling 

Past President for Northwest Watercolor Society, Theresa Goesling is an instructor, author and juror. Co-author of the instruction book “Make Every Day a Painting”, she gives painting workshops: whether it be online or plein air! You can find for instance “Introduction to Watercolor”, “Watercolor Techniques” or “Seattle & Palm Desert” classes for artists of every level. Theresa’s work is characterised by rich and vibrant colours as well as strong design principles. 

You can find Theresa on Instagram under the handle @theresagoeslingartist or on her .art website theresagoesling.art. 


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