.ART is excited to announce the launch of “Meet the .ARTists!”, our new monthly virtual event series, kicking off with a special holiday edition on Tuesday, December 19th. This series is a celebration of the rich diversity and creativity within our .ART community, offering a unique opportunity for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts to connect and engage. The inaugural event, featuring Dean Phelus as a moderator, is not to be missed – so register now to secure your spot!

December 19th Special Holiday Edition: A Must-Attend Event

This month, we’re excited to feature five .ARTists who will share their creative journeys, inspirations, and showcase their art. They will be joined by our moderator, Dean Phelus, Editor in Chief of Museum Magazine and Senior Director at the American Alliance of Museums. Dean will provide valuable tips for artists on increasing their visibility and securing magazine covers, along with insights into Museum Magazine’s selection process.

Event Details

  • When and Where: Tuesday, December 19th, 11AM ET / 5PM CET, live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Duration: Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour of artistic exploration and celebration.

Series Highlights

  • Artist Spotlights: Discover the stories behind talented artists from around the globe, learning about their inspirations and creative processes.
  • Guest Moderators: Each month will feature a new guest moderator, starting with Dean Phelus in our first edition, who will bring unique perspectives on various art-related topics.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage directly with the guest artists and delve deeper into their artistic worlds.

Featured .ARTists

Katerina Belkina (www.belkina.art )

Pictoralist photographer and painter 

Katerina Belkina is a contemporary pictorialist photographer and painter known for her unique blend of classical and modern artistic techniques. Her work often features self-portraits that explore human emotions and relationships through a feminist lens, aiming for balance and harmony rather than confrontation. 

Educated in the arts and photography, Belkina has achieved recognition with awards like the International Lucas Cranach Award and the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Prize. Her art, a fusion of photography, painting, and digital graphics, creates dream-like, atmospheric compositions. Belkina resides and works in Werder (Havel), Germany, contributing significantly to the contemporary art scene. 

Ronen Tanchum (www.ronentanchum.art)

Artist, developer, and interaction designer 

Ronen Tanchum, a contemporary artist, developer, and interaction designer, is renowned for his innovative work at the intersection of art, technology, and human-machine interaction. His creations, which include captivating installations and computer-generated artworks, explore behavioral patterns and their digital manifestation.  

Tanchum’s art installations bridge the digital and the physical, using technology as an artistic medium. With a background in visual effects for film, his work uniquely blends natural phenomena and digital simulations, reflecting a deep engagement with nature, technology, and human interactivity. His notable projects like “Perach” and the “Rococo” series on the Tezos blockchain exemplify his pioneering approach in the evolving field of digital art. 

Ozan Turkkan 

New media artist  (www.ozanturkkan.art)

Ozan Turkkan, a Vienna-based new media artist, blends art, science, and technology in his work. Specializing in experimental digital media, he focuses on generative art, fractal geometry, and mixed reality, exploring themes like impermanence and human behavior. His installations use technology as a creative canvas, reflecting his multicultural experiences and education in various art disciplines.  

Turkkan’s work, characterized by complex structures and diverse elements, has been exhibited in notable venues worldwide, showcasing his unique approach to converging art and technology. 

Simon Freund 

Conceptual artist (compositioninredblueandyellow.art)

Simon Freund, a visual and conceptual artist born in 1990 in Königstein im Taunus, Germany, lives a minimalist lifestyle, both personally and artistically. Currently based in Berlin, Freund focuses on integrating everyday objects into his work, exploring their role in our lives.  

Freund’s work, characterized by minimalistic design and practicality, delves into the nuances of living without a permanent residence, showcasing his unique perspective on art and life. 


Artist, poet (www.uslada.art)

Uslada’s art is visual poetry. It’s a blend of vibrant colors, textures, and intricate shapes which reflect the magnificence of the universe and its profound beauty. Inspired by nature’s sacredness and its diverse palette, Uslada’s work is deeply spiritual and it invites us on a journey towards discovering the source of our inner bliss.  

Uslada’s creative expression is strongly tied to the exploration of symbols. It’s a journey into the invisible realms of the artist’s imagination, which she makes visible to all of us through the dancing intricacy of her unique style, abundant with gold and iridescent reflections of color.  

Uslada’s art was appreciated by Marcel Paquet, a Belgian philosopher and author of many books about such well-known artists as Magritte, Miró, Botero and Calder. It has evolved into a medium for exploring the mystical aspects of life and the human soul. Uslada was born in Riga, Latvia and lives in Belgium. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Independent Artists: Gain exposure and potential opportunities to sell your artwork.
  • Art Collectors and Enthusiasts: Uncover new talents and possibly your next great art acquisition.
  • Creative Minds: Find inspiration and connection within the .ART community.

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Future Opportunities for Artists

If you’re an artist with a .ART domain, we encourage you to sign up for the event even if you cannot attend. Registration will keep you informed about future opportunities to be featured in the series.