Featured image: Pindar Van Arman Bit Gan series Superrare

Timing is key to success, as the process of an NFT drop is immediate and typical to this new medium. 

The other fundamental asset of the boom is the speculation over Cryptocurrencies. This is very new compared to the traditional market. Selling or buying a Warhol in an auction has nothing to do with keeping your dollars to make a profit on the currency exchange. With NFTs, you hold on to your crypto’s, knowing it will follow the curve of the crypto trend. 

Christie’s has been ahead of building bridges between new art trends and the traditional art market by selling the first half-a-million-dollar Ai art piece in an auction – the portrait of Edmond de Bellamy done by French trio Obvious, followed by a new record of $69mn with the NFT drop by artist Beeple. What does that figure mean? It shows this record as an index of the value of a new medium and not necessarily the value of the art itself. 

Obvious NFT QGAN series Nightmare series

Two art worlds are now on the table and the old one wants a cut of the new. Charming like an old crooner, the auction houses see the opportunity. Everyone wants to be a part of it and everyone is making a move. The NFT saying “forget about it, I’ve got a thousand dates within a second and you’re asking me out with your old jaguar for a last drink in your creepy crib!!? Oh well, what the hell!”

The NFT stallion knows it can win the battle by accepting the invitation. The competition among the NFT platforms is getting harder and harder. So many platforms are inventing new protocols, marketing and systems to get more traffic. And one of the aims is to get knighted and visible through different physical events. They want to be out and about to show off. 

It’s still early but the trend is here, they are wanting to show NFTs outside of their phones and they want to be loud. Why stay discreet when the revolution can be seen from the streets? The most insane parties will follow, leaving the old art openings choking on their dust. The aristocracy has just changed camp. The crypto machine is here. Snorting NFTs is the new 80s!

Pindar Van Arman Bit Gan series Superrare

Deep will collaborate with NFT platforms such as Known Origin, Superrare, Tezos and many others to create a new event in 2022. We’re on the way to show the power of these new ‘stART-ups’ on a larger scale. Deeep is in London and California to facilitate this explosion and to bring cutting-edge curation to it. Showing the best artists to the main collectors and audience has never been so necessary and relevant to this new trend. Deeep wants to bring the most powerful platforms together in order to show this new revolution striking the heart of the mundane vortex.

Pindar Van Arman Bit Gan series Superrare Monolith NFTs Miami Basel 2021

More and more physical events are happening, auctions houses are teaming up with platforms like Pierre Berge & Associates, galleries in London like Unit, and events all around the world such as NY and Basel Miami recently, with major NFT players. One thing is for sure, we want to push the level up to 11.

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About the Author
Stephane Bejean-Lebenson is the Founder of deeep AI NFT Art Fair and Owner of Lebenson Gallery Paris-London, which he opened in Paris (Marais) in 2009, after a successful career as a musician and producer. The Lebenson gallery in London is based in Shoreditch 150 Curtain Road.   

Stephane has advised individual collectors on creating private art collections. He believes that all clients should be assisted in locating and acquiring the best artworks for both personal enjoyment and long-term investment purposes. He has close links with Paris’ and London’s contemporary art galleries, artists and relevant auction houses, such as Pierre Bergé & Associates for which he continues to consult. He also holds a PHD in Philosophy and Aesthetics from the University of Paris X, and currently lives in London.

Lebenson Gallery is a contemporary art gallery focussing on primary market emerging avant-garde artists. It also specialises in secondary market blue-chip art dealing and sourcing. Stephane continues to raise the gallery’s profile through participating in prestigious art fairs in New York, Basel and Paris, and collaborating with the likes of Sotheby’s International Realty.