At .ART Registry, we believe in the profound impact art has on our lives, especially in its capacity to heal, comfort, and bring about emotional peace and wellbeing. It’s with great excitement that we announce the commencement of a unique project, “The Healing Powers of Art,” spearheaded by Rachel Suleymanov (, Marketing Coordinator at .ART and Columbia University Film Studies graduate. This initiative will showcase how art serves as a conduit for the enriched mental health of our community members. 

What is ‘The Healing Powers of Art‘? 

The Healing Powers of Art” is a compelling short compilation video that delves into the personal journeys of various members from the .ART community. These stories range from individuals to organizations, each sharing a unique perspective on how art has been instrumental in their healing process. The documentary will thus explore how art can foster recovery and peace, as exemplified by licensed art therapists, artists like Phil Hansen, and organizations like the ELM foundation. 

Incorporating the touching story of Medina Kasimova, the daughter of .ART founders Ulvi and Reykhan, the project will also highlight how the pursuit of art brought about profound healing and transformation within their own family. 

Who is This For?  

The Healing Powers of Art” is designed to resonate with anyone who believes in the healing power of art. Whether you’re interested in mental health, the accessibility of art therapy, or simply art itself, this film is for you. We’re reaching out to a broad audience, including individuals struggling with mental health issues and museums looking to incorporate art therapy programs into their offerings. 

Join Us on This Healing Journey 

Are you an artist, an organization, or an individual with a story to tell about the healing power of art? We’re looking for 15-20 .ART adopters to feature in our compilation video. Whether your art serves as a medium for grief, expression, healing, or you’re a part of an organization that provides alternatives to traditional art therapy or formal Art Therapy, we want to hear from you. 

This project is more than just a compilation of stories; it’s a movement towards acknowledging and leveraging the therapeutic benefits of art in healing and emotional well-being. If you’re interested in being a part of this transformative project or know someone whose story deserves to be told, reach out to us at Your journey, your art, and your healing process could inspire countless others to find solace and strength in art. 

Contact Us to Get Featured 

If you’re ready to share your story or want to nominate someone whose story should be featured in “The Healing Powers of Art,” please find more information here 

Together, let’s celebrate the healing powers of art!