The importance of understanding the need for a digital presence has grown rapidly. Individuals, Businesses, societies, artists are all going live, and this is getting them out of being only a regional entity but the opportunity to be a global one. It might be the most important thing in building and growing a well-known brand worldwide, no matter if it is your personal brand as an artist or a local business. Go big or go home, the saying says. Sounds brutal, doesn’t it? But that is the reality nowadays — go online or stay small and in the dark.

Personal brand is something every human being should now consider as a chance to show up to the world and shout “Hi, this is me, and these are my superpowers!”. The statement is about a person, a unique individual, and every person is an artist. No other human knows what you want and how you want to do it. No one else sees the world the way you see it.

Your digital presence is the opportunity to create your personal branding and make it powerful. Show your art, your identity, your personality by going online with a do-it-yourself website! Many people nowadays choose to create their website with the help of a website builder. It has advantages, it provides the opportunity to create whatever is desired, with no additional skills needed. Whether you decide to create a brand-new design or choose a pre-made template that you will personalize, your website will become a window into your artistic life, and this is how your personal identity will be transferred online. Portfolio, blog, gallery or a simple but effective landing page — the website builder will become your main tool.
How to link your .ART domain to your Instagram account Read More How to link your .ART domain to your own YouTube channel Read More How to link your .ART domain to your website Read More tool is gaining popularity because of its optimal UI, special price for .ART domain name and great industry templates. Furthermore, for those who have a domain or buy a new domain, the builder is free. What is brilliant about it is that you don’t need any skills or understanding in programming, as website creation is ‘Do it Yourself’. With the help of pre-programmed blocks or simple drag and drop into the builder – you will see how easy it is to create your own perfect website in fewer clicks than you ever thought it to be possible.

Now is the perfect time to go online. The question remains, how to do it? Indeed, you have many choices, you can hire a professional web design studio, create business pages on social media or introduce your personal branding, with a website created by yourself, and this is where comes into play!

Introduce your art to the world with a personal .ART domain and a beautiful website. The best part — you could do it for as much as the cost of the domain only!

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