The Armory Show: International Exhibition of Modern Art

The Armory Show, otherwise known as New York’s Art Fair, is an international art fair in New York City. This year, the annual exhibit took place between the 8th and 10th of September. It hosted a variety of discussions with leading art experts and featured hundreds of international galleries. The 29th edition of The Show displayed works by over 800 artists.

Once the vanguard of introducing Cubism to American audiences, The Armory Show has since become a staple in the world of art exhibitions. It was only fitting that the .ART team, led by founder Ulvi Kasimov, attended this prestigious event. The show offered ceramics, satire, utility, absurdity, and a vivid spectrum of colors. In the following chronicle, join us as we document the galleries on display, some of which showcased brilliant adopters of a .ART domain for their Gallery websites.

.ART Domains’ experience at the Armory Show

Upon entering, attendees were greeted by Yinka Shonibare’s contemplative “Man Moving Up,” a clue of the brilliance that awaited us. We first visited K Art Gallery, or, a Native American-owned, commercial art gallery. Here, we found the works of prolific artist G. Peter Jemison, renowned for his naturalistic paintings and series featuring paper bags. K Art Gallery proudly presented the full scope of Jemison’s oeuvre as an ode to his illustrious six-decade career.

Our journey continued with a visit to the booth of Nara Roesler, both a .ART adopter ( and an eminent art gallery hailing from the creative heart of Brazil. Here, we engaged in compelling dialogue with Senior Director Daniel Roesler, who offered us insights into the realm of modernism in Cuba. 

Next on our itinerary was a rendezvous with Florent Paumelle, the curator of the Galerie Oniris, based in Rennes, France. Paumelle delved into the three remarkable artists gracing Oniris’ exhibition space. One of such artists was Belgian-born geometric painter Vera Molnar, affectionately christened the “Grandmother of NFTs” by Paumelle himself. Paumelle also mused on the practicality and expansive reach facilitated by having Oniris’ digital presence on the .ART domain,

We continued to the vibrant booth of Dreamsong Gallery, another inspiring .ART adopter found on Located in the heart of Minneapolis, this gallery takes on a distinctive approach by juxtaposing local artists with nationally acclaimed ones. Here, we discussed the significance of this curatorial strategy, particularly when showcased within the distinguished setting of The Armory Show.

Nearing the end of our explorations, .ART detected a promising digital avenue for artists to consider: we advocate for artists to digitally render their physical creations while preserving the exclusivity of each piece. This revelation unfolded within Mother Gallery’s booth, yet another esteemed member of the .ART community easily located at

The Digital Art perspective in The Armory Show

As our time at The Armory Show drew to a close, the .ART team reflected on our experiences. We were surprised at the scarcity of digital and video artworks, an absence we concluded was an exciting arena yet to be fully explored. Alongside the extraordinary collection of fine art, we were thrilled to engage with some of our .ART gallery adopters both in person and in action. .ART CMO Jeffrey Sass provides a succinct summation of our thoughts:

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