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First things first, who are Rachel Sebban and Jean-Baptiste Costa de Beauregard? Over the years, the two jury members have earned respect in the innovation sector and have been recognised for their multiple achievements.    

Rachel is very familiar with success and engagement. From being a lawyer in a well-known trading company to being the co-founder of Jerome Dreyfuss, the COO of Saga Invest isn’t shying away from committing to her ideas. She is the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris, a member of the French Chamber of Commerce of the Région île de France and sitting on the board of several companies and institutions in France. In art, fashion, legal and luxury, her success is a statement about her flair to recognised a good idea when she comes across one.   

As for Jean-Baptiste, Costa de Beauregard is ArtNova’s Investment director, in charge of the fund’s investments and integration into the ecosystem. In addition, Jean-Baptiste is also the Publisher of Le Quotidien de l’Art, and in 2018 launched The Art Market Day, the annual gathering for European art market professionals, both activities being part of Beaux-Arts & Cie, a pivotal component to ArtNova’s portfolio. This HEC Paris alumni also led the Fine Art Insurance Team at Hiscox in Paris and contributed to developing Christie’s Collectrium in Europe, a collection management platform.  

Now that the official introductions are done, let’s see what they had to say about what innovation means to them?   

Jean-Baptiste is opening the floor with a very concise statement that goes deep to the heart of the subject

“Innovation has to bring a solution to an actual problem. Otherwise, it’s just a fancy idea, but no business can come out of it.”  

Rachel, push this further, adding: “I think significant innovation comes from being able to identify unmet needs before people realise those needs are not being met, innovation is to have a real impact, and need to be inclusive, innovation is an idea of improvement with creativity.”   

The conversation continues. Both have faced significant challenges in their professional journey. Innovation in the world of art and digital technology isn’t the exception to the rule. Rachel starts with,

“In terms of innovation, challenges are always on the side of education, educating people is the key for innovation success, and it is the most challenging part”.

Jean-Baptiste echoed her answer, who adds that

“the main challenges I see are adoption, execution and financing.”   

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Being nominated and selected by jury members for the Digital Innovation in Art Award 2021 means that you have already moved into the process, as the execution of your idea is already attracting attention. This might also contribute to the financing. And as for adoption, word to mouth and prestigious award such as this one can’t hurt right. This led us to our last question; What does it mean for you to be part of the Jury for this prize? Rachel doesn’t hesitate and promptly answers:  

“It means to be cutting edge, it means to be part of opinion leaders in art and technology and especially to draw a certain vision of the future of culture in the world of education. It means to be part of the culture and art revolution, which is the biggest revolution of the next decades.”  

Almost a month to enter one of the awards of the Oscar of the tech world, don’t miss your chance. We look forward to welcoming the diverse pool of applicants this year and hearing more from our Juries.  

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